Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tea Party Birthday Party

One year ago we all gathered to say something to our leaders… Enough!! Enough on the new taxes. Enough on the takeover of banks, car makers, health care and our daily lives. Enough!

Today we want to be sure our leaders know we are still out there we are still watching and we are waiting go get out the vote this November. On a cool rainy Saturday afternoon about 200 of us shared this message with the people of Seattle.

IMG_0682  IMG_0684IMG_0683

These rallies about our future not our past.

IMG_0687  IMG_0698 IMG_0694

We are angry because we see the danger and we know what is at stake.

IMG_0701 IMG_0707 IMG_0710

This fight will go on, we will push back the tide

IMG_0730 IMG_0734 IMG_0736

We will stand for the greatness that is America and the American people who everyday make the dream real.

IMG_0742 IMG_0751 IMG_0755

American exceptionalism is a grass roots movement! Meet the leaders

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Update: meet Seattle’s Tea party Leader

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