Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pride 2011

I’ll let the picture tell the story

Pride 2011 008Pride 2011 014Pride 2011 033Pride 2011 037Pride 2011 044Pride 2011 046Pride 2011 052Pride 2011 054Pride 2011 056Pride 2011 058Pride 2011 063Pride 2011 071Pride 2011 073Pride 2011 078Pride 2011 081Pride 2011 083Pride 2011 085Pride 2011 088Pride 2011 090Pride 2011 091Pride 2011 092Pride 2011 100Pride 2011 104Pride 2011 105

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If this were the last thing you saw

Would y0u die happy?

Well you most likely wouldn’t see her

My Other die happy post

HT: Theo, the source of most of my sexy girl pics.

Friday, June 24, 2011

No more “Just one more things”

Peter Falk died at age 83

Wikipedia is fast

Prior to his death on June 24, 2011, Peter Falk had expressed interest in returning to the role, announcing in 2007 that he had chosen a script for one last Columbo episode, Columbo: Hear No Evil. The script was renamed Columbo's Last Case. ABC, the network which has aired the new Columbo series since 1989, declined the project. In response, producers for the series announced they were attempting to shop the project to foreign production companies.[26][27] Falk's involvement in the project was put into doubt after he was diagnosed with dementia in late 2007, following some dental treatment.[28] During a 2009 court trial over Falk's care, Dr Stephen Read stated that Falk's condition was so bad he could no longer remember the character of Columbo.[28]

Peter Falk died on June 23, 2011. He was 83 years old.