Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve With Lindi

The Beautiful and talented Lindi Ortega released a new and wonderful Christmas song

Friday, November 18, 2011

But it worked so well for him.

The photo below is not of the victim of the crime but rather the perpetrator.

Image: Oneal Morris

The Crime was practicing medicine without a license in particular, cosmetic surgery in this case, buttocks enhancements.

According to police, the victim saw Morris in May and was injected in her buttocks with a substance consisting of cement, "Fix a Flat," mineral oil and super glue.

The amateur incision was then sealed with super glue, police said. The victim was later hospitalized with a serious medical condition as a result of the injections.

I’m sorry, butt (no pun intended) if my doctor could do this to himself (yes a  man) He ain’t getting near me.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Other things the 99% will never be

Just a reminder that while the #occupy protesters decry the fact they will never be in the richest 1% here are just a few of the other 1 percent they most likely will never make,


They are not likely to join the less than 1% of Americans who are firefighters, police, military, or doctors. In other words, The very people that make it possible for them to act like greedy spoiled children!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just like the Tea Party

Yea I remember the good ol’ Day of slashing and pushing cops

Police say a woman emerged from the crowd and attacked one of the officers with what was described as an exacto blade attached to a pen or pencil like object. She allegedly slashed the inside of the officers hand and ran back into the crowd before the officer had time to realize he had been cut.
At the same location, a protestors allegedly grabbed the radio of another officer and tried to run away into the crowd. When the officer pursued him, another demonstrator allegedly pushed the officer and cut his face and tore his uniform.

Oh wait no I don’t…

Sunday Music: Match

By Of Verona

Monday, November 7, 2011

Good for her

I’m not sure how long she has managed to keep it off this time but it appears that she is doing well for herself,

thin Kirstie

I’ve been rooting for you Kirstie!


This angers me

Why interfere with people having lunch?

Why disrupt the lives of young people trying to make a living?

Why trespass on private property to make a political point

HT: Gateway Pundit

Sunday, November 6, 2011

What is hate?

Hate is no longer about how you feel, rather how others deem how you feel.

After McMillan put the catchy addition to his name on his campaign posters he got a call from his student advisor.

“That it could be deemed derogatory and had been derogatory.”

At least he got creative about it…

he said. “TCU provided me with some blue tape so I could cover it up, which was very nice. And, I ran out so I thought why not spice this up a little bit and make it a little more pop. I got some yellow tape in there and found some flames and decided to put that on there too.

And this guy is running for “Student Government Association’s vice president of external affairs” Unopposed

So what was the offense? Graham “cracker” McMillan

HT: Knowledge is Power

Sunday Music: Dream On

A cover of the great Aerosmith classic by Kelly Sweet.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Elvis’s have left the Building

60 of them

The lookalikes were attending a charity function in Rochester, Kent, when the fire alarm sounded late on Saturday night.

It is believed that it was set off by a faulty smoke machine that formed part of the Elvis act at the fundraiser.

Guests leaving the hotel were stunned to see a group of around 60 impersonators, dressed in wigs and full rhinestone costume, gathered in the car park.

"I was in a bit of a state getting out of my room," one guest told the Daily Mirror. "But I was more confused when I got outside to see all these people dressed as Elvis.

HT: Drudge

Kevin Coombes, hotel manager at the Holiday Inn, told the Mirror: "A smoke machine set off the fire alarm and at no point was anyone in any danger - but yes, Elvis did leave the building."

Question: did I do the right Plural for Elvis's?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

At Last

The floating car!

Well it’s a start.

Todays politician

Needs only two lies…

1) It’s for the children

2) It won’t cost you anything..

Wake up!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupation, well not really

The Occupy Seattle protest is a part of what is know known as the Occupy Movement, it and the others around the country are designed to give the appearance of a sustained popular movement. It is a false impression.

The Occupy movement is a rag tag collection of leftist groups using the very real popular disaffection of the American people with the TARP and other forms of corporate bailouts (something the Tea Parties protested against years ago) to promote their ideals of “Change”.

I went to the Occupy Seattle Protest on both Friday and Saturday. On Friday I learned they planned to have some Unions come and join them, they also planned at least two acts of civil disobedience. I guess I could start by point out the difference between a Union and non-union protest…

Union Non-Union
IMG_2333 IMG_1812
IMG_2326 IMG_1817
IMG_2341 IMG_1794

On Friday there were about 60 people


Today it was about 3,000* Unions, Socialist Communist and Anarchist (*this estimate is from the live stream)


I made a sign and joined the march,


“In America the only thing keeping me down is the this man” (points @ me)

“I too am the 99%”

The front says its about personal responsibility, the 1% does not keep me from being what I want to be, the 1% does not keep me down, only I can do that. We’ve had the rich (and the poor) with us always, yet still great people have risen up from the ranks of the “99%”. Even slaves have risen to greatness. No its not a them v us thing here, it’s a me me me thing here.


The back was meant to point out that within the true 99% most do not wish to overthrow the system. This movement only truly represent a small portion of the 99%.


There has been some talk that the Tea Party and the Occupy movement have a lot in common. At first I rejected this ideal but now that I’ve been there I have to say it’s true, to a point.

Update: Occupy (Mark Taylor-Canfield) and the Tea Party (Keli Carender) together at last on “The Bill Radke Treatment” (25 min audio).


The Tea Party wanted to stop the bailouts, to let the natural ebb and flow of the free market do its job, not to overthrow the system. The fact is the real anger should be at the politicians who rigged the system, as well as the corrupt people who bribed them.


Yet there are very real differences in the goals


and in the reasons for their anger.


In short we agree on the problem not the solution.

Now on to The first planned acts of civil disobedience, a march to and take over of Chase bank @ 3:00, but wait! its Saturday the bank closes at 1:00, oh well


That didn’t work, so they marched up Pike, down Pine, then back up Pike. Holding a sit in at Pike and 2nd for about 20 minutes then back to Westlake Park to sit in on 4th Ave.


The second act of disobedience is the setting up of tents in defiance of park rules and a deal made with the city allowing them to use City Hall for this purpose.


The park closes at 10 it is expected that the police will order the protesters  to leave then, and arrest anyone who doesn’t leave and remove their tents. I couldn’t stay for that but it’s on a live stream

Before I go, here are a few of my favorite pictures.


I made a short video from Friday, still need to edit todays footage I’ll update when its done.

Update: A quick hula-hoop video, just for fun.

Update: I forgot to link to the Flickr set.

Update: The city didn’t move in to take down the tents until Monday morning, 8 arrest over 150 tents removed, no reports on the smell.