Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Elvis’s have left the Building

60 of them

The lookalikes were attending a charity function in Rochester, Kent, when the fire alarm sounded late on Saturday night.

It is believed that it was set off by a faulty smoke machine that formed part of the Elvis act at the fundraiser.

Guests leaving the hotel were stunned to see a group of around 60 impersonators, dressed in wigs and full rhinestone costume, gathered in the car park.

"I was in a bit of a state getting out of my room," one guest told the Daily Mirror. "But I was more confused when I got outside to see all these people dressed as Elvis.

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Kevin Coombes, hotel manager at the Holiday Inn, told the Mirror: "A smoke machine set off the fire alarm and at no point was anyone in any danger - but yes, Elvis did leave the building."

Question: did I do the right Plural for Elvis's?

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ZZMike said...

"Question: did I do the right Plural for Elvis's?"

Latin scholars would go for "Elvi" (or maybe "Elvae"), but I doubt any of those are in the company of Elvis impersonators.