Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life and death in a Democrat's city

In Detroit a man passed away unnoticed and when he was noticed he was ignored. He was ignored by the people who were there to ensure this didn't happen to him. It happened because they forgot to look at why their city is dyeing, instead of looking at what they can scavenge from it

Convinced that it was indeed a body, this reporter made a discreet call to a police officer. "Aw, just give 911 a call," the cop said. "We'll be called eventually." A call was placed to 911. A woman answered. She was told it was a reporter calling. The operator tried to follow, but seemed confused. "Where is this building?" She promised to contact the appropriate authorities. Twenty minutes or so went by when 911 called the newsroom. This time it was a man. "Where's this building?" It was explained to him, as was the elevator shaft and the tomb of ice. "Bring a jack-hammer," this reporter suggested. "That's what we do," he said. Nearly 24 hours went by. The elevator shaft was still a gaping wound. There was no crime scene tape. The homeless continued to burn their fires. City schoolchildren still do not have the necessary books to learn. The train station continues to crumble. Too many homicides still go unsolved. After another two calls to 911 on Wednesday afternoon (one of which was disconnected), the Detroit Fire Department called and agreed to meet nearby. Capt. Emma McDonald was on the scene. "Every time I think I've seen it all, I see this," she said. And with that they went about the work of recovering a person who might otherwise be waiting for the warm winds of spring.

Anti-Israel protest: Week 6, Last Gasp?

Only a hand full of people showed up with the usual signs and flags, no march and no speakers. It was still the expanded Gaza Protest and had not yet reverted to the standard anti-war vigil that is usually there. I estimated the group at about 90 hard core terror supporters and devout communist.

The photos are also pretty standard fair.

Week 6 001 Week 6 002 Week 6 003

Week 6 007 Week 6 015 Week 6 025

Week 6 023  Week 6 030 Week 6 033

The American flag was new, and they actually treated it properly

Week 6 032  Week 6 035 Week 6 061

The Sun came out, that was new.

 Week 6 093Week 6 109   Week 6 095

And things were going so well, but then they just had to come to me and start trouble.

Week 6 111 Week 6 082  Week 6 112

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I may make a short movie to show the crowd.

Update: Video ready, its short and to the point, nobody showed up.

The Cult

It is the most dangerous of cults

The leader insist that his photos be everywhere

Children are encouraged to pledge to him

And it uses mass media to spread its message to the masses


Friday, January 30, 2009

This is not good

North Korea is saber rattling again, just a short time after getting the bomb (thanks President Clinton)

The decision by Pyongyang to nullify all military and political accords, including declaring the maritime border between the countries "void", increases the prospect of an armed confrontation on the Peninsula, where over a million soldiers face each other along the Demilitarised Zone that divides the countries.

Over 30,000 of those soldiers are ours.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

For Carlos

This photo was taken shortly before I was attacked. As you can see I am in front and on the sidewalk so you can stop the lies! In fact Carlos this is where I was attacked. You may even want to take this opportunity to man up and apologize, I’ve already got a Big Mac.

Here is a photoset with almost the whole thing documented. I would note that had the guy grabbed my flag from the front we would have fallen into the marchers not away from them.
For those who have not been following my story here. On Jan. 17 as I was marching the gentleman in this flickr set tried to take my flag, I did not let him, the police took him away and Carlos called me a liar. We have been exchanging words on this, among other things, for some time now. You can read the exchange here. Thanks to a YouTube viewer who was trying the same thing (He actually told me that these photos were on the web) I found photos that exposed the lies of both men.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Snapshop: Locked

Week 5 250
Originally uploaded by George Bentley

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Seattle Anti-Israel Protest Week 5

I didn't expect much this week, the war was over, Hamas had lost and the truth of their brutality was coming out. Only about 200 people showed up. There were no speeches on the stage, no march, and no bull horn. This is likely to be the last protest of this kind but I'll head down next Saturday to make sure we don't miss anything.

They did have a few things that were were different;

Week 5 001 Week 5 003 Week 5 061

They posted these fake wall things  all over.

Week 5 018 Week 5 039 Week 5 118

They set up a tent.

Week 5 002 Week 5 005 Week 5 037

They bought a puppet.

Week 5 081 Week 5 079 Week 5 078

And this is the first time I've seen A.N.W.S.E.R. make their presence known

Some of the regulars returned.

Week 5 091Week 5 031

Women in black.

Week 5 024 Week 5 054Week 5 044

the war resisters/Vets  for peace


Week 5 166

The Buddhist Peace Fellowship.

Week 5 028

And even the Raggin' Grannies made a brief appearance.


But there was, as always, plenty of stuff to see.

Week 5 004 Week 5 015 Week 5 017

Week 5 029 Week 5 035 Week 5 049

Week 5 056 Week 5 059 Week 5 068

Week 5 074 Week 5 077 Week 5 094

Week 5 095 Week 5 103 Week 5 110

There were other things to see.

Week 5 111 Week 5 116 Week 5 117

Week 5 136 Week 5 144 Week 5 227

After the rally broke up this lady set up camp.

Week 5 211

I could add pictures to this all day, but I better not so I'll close out with the video. It's a little confrontational.


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