Monday, January 26, 2009

For Carlos

This photo was taken shortly before I was attacked. As you can see I am in front and on the sidewalk so you can stop the lies! In fact Carlos this is where I was attacked. You may even want to take this opportunity to man up and apologize, I’ve already got a Big Mac.

Here is a photoset with almost the whole thing documented. I would note that had the guy grabbed my flag from the front we would have fallen into the marchers not away from them.
For those who have not been following my story here. On Jan. 17 as I was marching the gentleman in this flickr set tried to take my flag, I did not let him, the police took him away and Carlos called me a liar. We have been exchanging words on this, among other things, for some time now. You can read the exchange here. Thanks to a YouTube viewer who was trying the same thing (He actually told me that these photos were on the web) I found photos that exposed the lies of both men.


Carlos said...

I love how I've gotten front page attention.

Now, to yet again debunk your skewed perception; and thanks for the pictures to do so.

Your flag is exactly where I said it was; hanging over the sidewalk in the face of the marchers. Right in the spot to get grabbed. You see the police behind your spot keeping pedestrians safely aside? What about your rules of staying "well outside the area"? You knew what you were doing, you baited a reaction and here we are. Good for you.

Now, as to your Gold Star of being "at the front". Why that matters seems to be a sticking point so why not help you out. A picture of a man with a bullhorn and no perspective. How many bullhorns were carried in the march (I counted 4). This could be the front, the rear, the middle or two blocks down the road, make a right at the Starbucks. Where it was is where I've stated, further back from the front. The supporting evidence? Your own images. You see the 'Save Gaza' and 'End the Seige' banners? They were further towards the tail of the march, not at the front where the pictures of the victims were organized. Had you been at the front you'd have heard the organizers ask for the banners to be moved further back as to give those carrying pictures and the coffins more exposure.

Hope that Big Mac tastes as good as your pride.

G'Willie said...

You know Carlos Your comment shows beyond any doubt your contempt for honesty. I have tried to give you the benefit of the doubt yet there is no possible way for you to continue to espouse this lie thru any honest case of mistaken perspective. I suspect you are only trying to get the last word on the issue but it only makes you look petty. The fact that you refuse to be a man and admit you are wrong reinforces this.
You know I was not in the marchers face. You can clearly see my flag is over my shoulder, away from the marchers, that I am well up on the sidewalk and unless the marchers parted in the middle (they did not) the front is the only place this photo could have been taken. You say that the coffins were in front and that was true, at the end of the march. The attack took place after the march turned off of pine onto 5th, at the start of the march, the coffins were about 4 rows back at this point. If you watch the video you can clearly see that they were moved to the front after the march left the convention center and turn back onto Pine.
That’s lie one
You claimed you were close enough to have been pushed by Officers trying to get me away from the march. But if you took the time to look at the photos in the set I linked to you can see that when the officers arrived to separate the combatants we were already as far from the march as the surrounding would allow. You can also see that arriving officers were approaching from the sidewalk and were well away from pushing anyone not trying to get in on the action.
That’s lie two
You claim that I was embellishing the story with claims that the other guy got arrested, yet clearly you can see that he was handcuffed and lead away, I was in earlier comment willing to say you had been mistaken, I even went so far as to say that we simply had received different information.
I just got off the phone with the Seattle PD and the case was referred to the Prosecutors office. I am left with only two options; you either received bad information or you are lying. Because you refuse to consider the possibility that the information you received may have been wrong it would be reasonable to assume you were lying and were hoping I would not be able to prove you wrong. I will now put an end to that hope (Incident #09-020811)…
That’s lie three
Your attempts to call me out on this have failed. You’ve only dug deeper and deeper with each claim. I am beginning to wonder if you were even there. The only reason I don’t call that a lie is that you claim to have yelled “Let them go” something I did not bring up. But perhaps you just saw a video of the arrest and went from there.
That’s lie three and a half. You sir are a liar and not welcome here. I will delete future comments from you.
Bring on the sock puppets.

G'Willie said...

I was a little slow on this, but I've realized Carlos was my first troll. This is a momentous occasion for any blogger. He tried the same thing on YouTube but there I can really ban Him.