Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lets put an end to this lie right now

Over and over I here the lie that the Jews and Palestinians lived in peace until 1948, yet if this is true why did the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem side with Hitler before WWII? Why did he build an all Muslim fighting force to march alongside the SS? These were not the actions of someone living in peace with his neighbors.

I should not have to remind you that the Turkish Empire sided with Germany in WWI. Turkey lost and the territories were divided among the victors. The British were given what was known has the British Mandate. This land contained many native born Jews who invited others to join them. After Jewish settlers began buying land, their Arab neighbors objected and began action that led to civil unrest. To quail this unrest Britain designated the land east of the Jordan River, Trans Jordan, as being strictly Arab, and west of the Jordan, Palestine, open to all emigration. This did not quiet the unrest, and Jews who brought land and Arabs who sold it to them were often murdered for it. When WWII began the leaders of the Palestinians saw an opportunity to end this new settlement in open support of Hitler's final solution.


I've brought this up before.

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