Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday snapshot: First shots

I'm just about out of things I want to scan so I'm going to replace my Sunday Scan with a snapshot.

280608 046

The rules:

This will be a photo I have taken during the week

It will be an original photo

I will try not to repeat subjects*

If I do first to point it out will receive a 8x10 print**

Hey I want to ensure you guys are reading this stuff.


*Repeat subjects would include shots of flowers from the same garden or same site,

IMG_0012 IMG_0017 These were taken from the same garden in Everett near the port, of course you would not know that if I didn't tell you, but you can try. I think once a season would be fair for flowers.

DCF 1.0 This is from a different location so it doesn't count. Capital Hill, Seattle

Photos of the same building would count if the building is the subject but not if it's the background.


IMG_0068 IMG_0071 This is the Office of local real estate mogul Art Scotdall, these would count has the same subject. Buildings last forever and so does this rule.

waterfront seattle 104 This would not count has a repeat because clearly the subject is the truther.

Birds are tougher, so I will say if I post the same bird type, Crow, Seagull, or others within 2 months I will count that has a repeat.

Wallace Falls008 Wallace Falls019 These two birds are of the same type and the photos must have been posted 2 months apart

jetty island019These birds I can post anytime after the others.

I will make the final decision but I really don't mind giving my photos to those who want them so your chances are pretty good.

The chance to get a free print also applies to photos not posted within 2 weeks of when they were taken.

IMG_0236edit waterfront seattle 023 One photo was taken in January the other in May, not gonna work.

290608 005 This one I took just a few minutes ago.

you may be able to get clues to when a where a photo was taken at my Flickr site.

**You will need to send me your contact information, You can do that privately here.

Chain Mail

I don't forward these but I do get quite a few so I think I'll just post the really good ones here from time to time, with the "send this to 5 other people and/or something good/bad will happen to you " removed.

Today's post is the old God is Busy story with a professor and a marine

     A United States Marine was attending some college courses between assignments.  He had completed missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

       One of the courses had a professor who was an avowed atheist and a member of the ACLU.  One day the professor shocked the class when he came in.  He looked to the ceiling and flatly stated, 'God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform.  I'll give you exactly 15 minutes.'  The lecture room fell silent.  You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, 'Here I am God.  I'm still waiting.'

       It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Marine got out of his chair, went up to the professor, and cold-cocked him; knocking him off the platform.  The professor was out cold.  The Marine went back to his seat and sat there, silently.  The other students were shocked and stunned and sat there looking on in silence.  The professor eventually came to, noticeably shaken, looked at the Marine and asked, 'What the heck is the ma! tter with you?  Why did you do that?'  The Marine calmly replied, 'God was too busy today protecting America's soldiers who are protecting your right to say stupid stuff and act like an idiot.  So, He sent me.'

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Changes 4
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I changed my look. Don't be frightened, I'm still the same loveable Gwillie you all remember.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Scan: Geese

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Just a quick shot I took many years ago.Taken once more at the Port of Everett.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vote Obama

No don't worry, my time has a blogger for Obama has not turned me into a Obama supporter. I was so mad at one of the new ads that I had to reply. This is my response to the asinine stereotype ads that have made the rounds on TV. One of which cost over half a million dollars.

Mine didn't cost anything.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The price we pay for Carter's mistakes.

There was a time when I bought the line of Carter being the greatest Ex-President, but then I started to see the other things he was doing when he wasn't building houses. Like his 1994 visit to North Korea resulting in a deal that was never enforced and followed by North Korea's first nuclear test just 12 years later, and that awful book. I could list a whole page more but I don’t feel like looking it all up, please feel free to pile on, it might be fun.

We have now, brought to the forefront by recent attacks in Zimbabwe by Carter backed dictator President Mugabe, a new crisis.

After the first free election there in April 1979 Mugabe lost, in spite of voter intimidation and attacks that killed 10 people and a hit list of dozens. Yet President Carter refused to lift sanctions or to endorse any unity government that did not include Mugabe. This led to Mugabe being in a position to later seize power and is directly responsible for today's crimes

Mr. Mugabe is one of the nastiest dictators in Africa — he has inflicted a "silent genocide" by starving his own people. The effects of his authoritarian rule have been made all the worse by his staying power. In more than 27 years as head of state, Mr. Mugabe has turned one of Africa's most productive economies into a shambles. A country whose currency once beat the British pound now boasts an inflation rate nearing 10,000% per annum and a land that once exported beef and grain now has a population desperately in need of food and humanitarian aid.

And for another reason I feel Carter is bad for America.

carter-chavez-best-02 zzmugabechavez Ahmadinejad-Mugabe1

Carter/Chevez, Chavez/Mugabe, Mugabe/Ahmadinejad.

3 degrees of dictatorial separation.


Update: Thanks Lizards :) for the best jump in visits ever!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Scan: Thru the fence

thru the fence
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Ok sorry for the dumb post title, I couldn't help it. Has I was exploring the rest of the web site I found one of my neighbors (not anyone I know, just someone who lives in the same part of town has me.) I read his profile and was shocked at the grammar (I'm really not one to talk so you know it's gotta be bad.)



Location: South Everett, Washington
Why I support Barack Obama: Why I am supporting Senator Barack Obama two reasons: First, Senator Obama is a man who remaind figure has a leading hand of Leadership
1 of his country 2, a great symbol of hope and dream something that represents mean something needed deeply rooted in the American spirit back to people and United States since a time in the 1860’s of Presidency of Abraham Lincoln and the 1930’s Franklin D. Roosevelt. Senator Obama is new hope and new change for America 3 and her people in the 21st Century. Second, my cousins Caroline B. Kennedy, Senator Edward M. Kennedy and Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy 4 they give him the endorsement to his 2008 Presidential Campaign for President. 5
Birth Date: October 19th
Issues: equality / civil rights; civil liberties / privacy; peace & social justice; foreign policy / security; economic fairness / security; environment / conservation; smart energy policy; public infrastructure / transportation; good government / ethics; electoral reform; affordable health care; education
Registered to Vote: Yes

Some things of note

1) Leading hand of leadership... A little redundant but still grand

2) His country... not ours but his, a clue?

3) is new hope and new change of America... well I guess the old hope and old change just wasn't working out.

4) my cousins Caroline B. Kennedy, Senator Edward M. Kennedy and Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy... Ok lets do a little latching on and name dropping all in one line. Be careful you don't want to over do it.

5) Presidential Campaign for President... has opposed to his Presidential campaign for mayor.

6) Registered to Vote: Yes... This last part scares me most.

I hope he is just some little guy in India that George Soros paid to fill out web pages, but you never know, do you.


And here's another randomly chosen neighbor's Obama profile.



Location: Everett, WA
Why I support Barack Obama: I Believe he can and will change in things around!!!

I didn't think I would see anything scarier that commies supporting someone with a real chance of winning, but stupid votes are the scariest of all!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Flag Day 2008

It's flag day


I am a Obama Blogger

I posted a blog on the Obama website to express my concerns about Obama's far left connections and the dangers of communism in general. I don't expect much of a response but I'll see what happens. If someone there locks on to it I could get some really deranged comments.

I know that my first concern (that of Senator Obama's connections to far left extremist and radicals) will not make me any friends here but, for me, they are too important to ignore. America has worked hard to provide freedom to all of her people, but the people who were part of the Weathermen were working to take that away. I know that America has done much wrong, but to disregard all of the good accomplishments that we have made, all of the positive changes that we have led the world in. To try to overthrow it and replace it with "Socialist Marxist" idealism (that has always led to the worst forms of tyranny) See Che. That frightens me.

Side note: I had read that new blogs were being told that their blogs would be subject to approval, I saw no such notice. Maybe I missed it. I did see this little note however.

Content on blogs in My.BarackObama represents the opinions of community members and in no way should be interpreted as endorsed or approved by the campaign.

The Definition of "Climate Camp"

Noun: A group of radical environmental extremists who make every effort to impose their morals on the rest of us.

They did a good old fashion train robbery yesterday.

The ambush took place at an iron girder bridge over the river Aire between the villages of Gowdall and Hirst Courteney at 8am GMT. One group then used the bridge girders and climbing equipment to scale the 12ft high trucks.They hoisted a huge banner reading “Leave it in the ground” - referring to the coal destined for the power station’s furnaces. The protesters carried food, water and even a portable lavatory with the intention of being able to remain on board for several days.

zz0613_01_1 This is called "action" by the radicals, but it's called a crime by most of us.

This guy stuck in the traffic had the best argument against these vandals

He said: “There are interesting arguments to be had, but at the end of the day, these people use electricity like the rest of us, don’t they.”

Here is the point, We have too far many people to keep playing these power games. We need the stuff or billions will die, come up with a better ideal and stop trying to make us all go back to the horse and carriage days.

Last thing, Why can't the police just climb up there and pull the hippie punks off the damn thing?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Angels standing by our soliders

We spend so much time fighting the lefts efforts to dishearten our troops that when a good story or two come up I just have to post it, today I found one I want to bring to you.

SA One of the warriors told me how wonderful it felt to be told “thank you” by someone in the airport. He’d been traveling with his wife and they were having lunch while on a layover. A lady quietly walked over to them, excused herself and said to his wife that she wanted to hug him to say “thank you”. This touched the warrior deeply.






I once had breakfast at our local I-hop when a group of uniformed soliders came in, When I went to pay I ask the casher if I could pay for the soliders too. Turns out another couple beat me to it.

Where you have angels, you may find devils.

mark_dice While we truly try to show our support others on the left are working to demoralize them. These evil people who once claimed to be a Christian group, (they use a little trick to get some notice, they did the starbucks protest. Now removed from their website.) This group is now using the adopt a solider program to send 9/11 truth movies and other disinformation to try to convince the troops to stop fighting for "the government who did 9/11."

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Finley Lives

Finley was not supposed to be born, His parents had used birth control and when that failed they went to have an abortion at 8 weeks. Yet some time latter Finley's mother could feel him moving inside her. The Percivals were fearful that a genetic condition that cost the life of one of their children and affected the other would also affect Finley. But after hearing that he had survived they took a chance and went thru with the pregnancy

Jodie Percival with son Finley   'Deciding to terminate at eight weeks was just utterly horrible but I couldn't cope with the anguish of losing another baby,' said Miss Percival, 25.  However, Finley had other ideas. And some time after the operation, Miss Percival felt a fluttering in her stomach. Eventually her doctor sent her for a scan – and she discovered she was 19 weeks pregnant. The child had survived the abortion and thrived in the womb. 'I couldn't believe it,' said Miss Percival. 'This was the baby I thought I'd terminated. 'At first I was angry that this was happening to us, that the procedure had failed. 'I wrote to the hospital, I couldn't believe that they had let me down like this. They wrote back and apologized and said it was very rare.


"I just couldn't believe that this child had got through it all and looked so perfect," Ms Percival, a hairdresser, told the Daily Mail. "He may need an operation but as only one of his kidneys is affected he can survive. "I still struggle to believe just what he has fought through. Now he's here I wouldn't change it for the world."

We need more of this

Has we enter the final phase of this years Presidential race we have on the front burner the war in Iraq. One candidate who will leave Iraq to the whims of the Terrorist and one who will insure that we leave an Iraq that is ready to stand on it's own has a free nation with open and fair elections and rights for all of it's people. And for the lefties in the room, this is not an imposition.

We have worked long and hard, paid much in blood and treasure, and so have the good people of Iraq. We made many mistakes, some could have been avoided. Too few troops, too slow to respond to changes on the ground, and too quick to declare victory. And some could not, not being ready for the use of IEDs, and attacks by insurgents on unarmed civilians. But now we have seen changes that have made a real difference on the ground in Iraq. We stand closer to victory then ever and it is with that background we vote for the course we will follow.

mot1Michael Yon knows this truth first hand and wants to share this with our Presidential candidates and says so in an open letter to all of our Senators.

Whether any Senators take advantage of my offer, I do hope that the presidential candidates visit Iraq, not just for a photo opportunity, but to spend time with our commanders and combat veterans, who know the truth and are not afraid to speak it.

He opens with one of the best declaration of victory I've read

One of the biggest problems with the Iraq War is that politics has frequently triumphed over truth.  For instance, we went into Iraq with shoddy intelligence (at best), no reconstruction plan, and perhaps half as many troops as were required.  We refused to admit that an insurgency was growing, until the country collapsed into anarchy and civil war.  Now the truth is that Iraq is showing real progress on many fronts:  Al Qaeda is being defeated and violence is down and continuing to decrease.  As a result, the militias have lost their reason for existence and are getting beaten back or co-opted.  Shia, Sunni and Kurds are coming together -- although with various stresses -- under the national government.  If progress continues at this rate, it is very possible that before 2008 is out, we can finally say "the war has ended."

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Today's Best Graphic and Important Anniversary

olympicsboycotttank[1] 19 years ago today. The world will never know the price paid by those who only sought freedom, some are still paying the price.







Until we have a full accounting, until all are free who stood up to the tanks, until China is truly free and all share in it's prosperity. I say,

Don't Go!!!

Don't Buy!!!

Don't Allow it to happen again!!!


I just received words that my stepfather passed away a few minutes ago.

Please continue your prayers.

Thank you all.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Scan: Bluegreen Skies

Bluegrean Skies
Originally uploaded by George Bentley
I tried to fix this one but I could not get the red from the sunset to show? The print was a lot nicer, but is long gone.The scan was almost grayscale, I do however like the way this turned out.

A coveted endorsement

The New Party was a Marxist political coalition whose objective was to endorse and elect leftist public officials -- most often Democrats. The New Party's short-term objective was to move the Democratic Party leftward, thereby setting the stage for the eventual rise of new Marxist third party.


Though Illinois was not one of the states that permitted electoral fusion, in 1995 Barack Obama nonetheless sought the New Party's endorsement for his 1996 state senate run. He was successful in obtaining that endorsement, and he used a number of New Party volunteers as campaign workers.

ObamaSo who are the "New Party" they are a spin off group of communist party member who formed a temporary party to hide their links to groups like the Democratic Socialists of America, ACORN, and Communist Party USA.

It getting harder and harder to avoid the fact that Obama is a communist.