Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Angels standing by our soliders

We spend so much time fighting the lefts efforts to dishearten our troops that when a good story or two come up I just have to post it, today I found one I want to bring to you.

SA One of the warriors told me how wonderful it felt to be told “thank you” by someone in the airport. He’d been traveling with his wife and they were having lunch while on a layover. A lady quietly walked over to them, excused herself and said to his wife that she wanted to hug him to say “thank you”. This touched the warrior deeply.






I once had breakfast at our local I-hop when a group of uniformed soliders came in, When I went to pay I ask the casher if I could pay for the soliders too. Turns out another couple beat me to it.

Where you have angels, you may find devils.

mark_dice While we truly try to show our support others on the left are working to demoralize them. These evil people who once claimed to be a Christian group, (they use a little trick to get some notice, they did the starbucks protest. Now removed from their website.) This group is now using the adopt a solider program to send 9/11 truth movies and other disinformation to try to convince the troops to stop fighting for "the government who did 9/11."

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