Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday snapshot: First shots

I'm just about out of things I want to scan so I'm going to replace my Sunday Scan with a snapshot.

280608 046

The rules:

This will be a photo I have taken during the week

It will be an original photo

I will try not to repeat subjects*

If I do first to point it out will receive a 8x10 print**

Hey I want to ensure you guys are reading this stuff.


*Repeat subjects would include shots of flowers from the same garden or same site,

IMG_0012 IMG_0017 These were taken from the same garden in Everett near the port, of course you would not know that if I didn't tell you, but you can try. I think once a season would be fair for flowers.

DCF 1.0 This is from a different location so it doesn't count. Capital Hill, Seattle

Photos of the same building would count if the building is the subject but not if it's the background.


IMG_0068 IMG_0071 This is the Office of local real estate mogul Art Scotdall, these would count has the same subject. Buildings last forever and so does this rule.

waterfront seattle 104 This would not count has a repeat because clearly the subject is the truther.

Birds are tougher, so I will say if I post the same bird type, Crow, Seagull, or others within 2 months I will count that has a repeat.

Wallace Falls008 Wallace Falls019 These two birds are of the same type and the photos must have been posted 2 months apart

jetty island019These birds I can post anytime after the others.

I will make the final decision but I really don't mind giving my photos to those who want them so your chances are pretty good.

The chance to get a free print also applies to photos not posted within 2 weeks of when they were taken.

IMG_0236edit waterfront seattle 023 One photo was taken in January the other in May, not gonna work.

290608 005 This one I took just a few minutes ago.

you may be able to get clues to when a where a photo was taken at my Flickr site.

**You will need to send me your contact information, You can do that privately here.

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