Friday, July 4, 2008

Inside the greenhouse: The Ice Melts

Every year the Ice in the North melts, some years more than other, some years more ice on the Canadian side of the Arctic and some years more on the Russian side of the Arctic. this year we were told that the melting would for the first time reach the north pole, sounds scary. It may even be true, what they don't tell you is there will still be lots of ice in the Arctic Circle. We will be OK, Seattle will not be underwater. This I knew without any research what I did learn when I did some research was that it may not be happening at all. Turns out that at this time last year we had less ice up north than we do now, the melting is slower, the North Poll may yet be saved.


Still not convinced? See for yourself, The Ice Melts.

HT: Knowledge is Power

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detectivenurse5 said...

I'm almost at a loss for words. This is not only insult to my intelligence but also the world population and let me explain why. One reason is because the world's governments and scientists are down playing it significance. There is a reason it's called the North POLE. Global warming will increase, sea levels will rise, hurricanes will increase, volcanic eruptions may occur in an effort to decrease the atmospheric temperature, agriculture will be affected, wild life will be affected and the list goes on.
Hey, but it's okay because now the Northwest Passage can be used for travel and oil drilling can now begin in the North Pole (nice touch from the media). However, Russia has already claimed the North Pole for itself. Here's an idea, let's go to war with Russia. Then we will be able to occupy the territory. You are wrong, if you think this can not happen, even with a brief disappearance of the ice.

G'Willie said...

Hi I am honored that you created this account just to comment here, thank you. However your post didn’t make much sense to me perhaps it is because English in not your native language?
It is called the North Pole because of the magnetic field of the earth, no other. If the field radiated, is that the right word, from Bermuda it would still be the same North Pole. (Some say it was in Bermuda once, I heard it on Coast to Coast AM) So I don't understand your point. We had a surprise cold snap this week that no one had predicted, if they cannot predict the weather for one week how can they be so certain of the weather for the next 100 years? The Ice in the North Pole is not your main worry when it comes to sea levels, that ice is already in the water, it is the land ice of the South Pole, that will be the one to raise sea levels. Your worry about volcanic eruptions tells me that you have fully brought into all of the most extreme hype. You will have to work very hard to convince me that Global Warming will cause volcanoes to erupt. Changes in the weather have affected all life for as long as there has been life, if there is oil under the North Pole then it once was warm enough for life to thrive. Please do not insult MY intelligence with this propaganda, Do some research in some different places, learn how the environment has changed throughout history, the medieval warm period, the little ice age, why are we finding farms under the ice in Greenland? Why is Greenland called Greenland? Maybe we are not warming, maybe we are recovering from a cooling?

detectivenurse5 said...

I am aware of the magnetic fields. However explaining magnetic fields and polar shifts are too in depth for this article (I'll keep it simple).When the ice melts the sea level will rise. The ice on the North Pole deflects the sun's rays. Without the ice the temp rises.Volcanic eruptions would produce an ash covering in the atmosphere thus blocking the sun which would result in lower temperatures. With that said I do not believe Global Warming is a result of China buying more oil, cow flatus etc. I believe it is a natural occurrence. I don't know if there is a way to slow or halt it's progression.

G'Willie said...

The difference in tone between your two posts is striking, yet I still detect a bit of talking down. And I don't have any more clarity. you says "There is a reason it's called the North POLE" I would like to know what that reason is, in this context, and why you thought it was a point worth making. I am glad I was mistaken in assuming you were off the deep end with that volcano statement. Global Warming is laughably predicted to “Cause” eruptions, but again, if you are not an extremist, why bring it up at all? You and I have both stated that Global Warming has we are experiencing it today may well be a natural cycle, this is good to have common ground. This post is not for people like us, it was meant to help others who are convinced that only man made pollution is causing this and who are being manipulated by corrupt politicians and scientists who are exploiting fear to grab more money and more power. That said your first post makes even less sense than before.

detectivenurse5 said...

A few days ago when the media announced this to the general public, it was what? All of 5 minutes. When I looked into this further (on the Internet because for some reason the media, politicians & scientists don't really want people to realize it's significance)I found out that allegedly scientists are placing bets on it's actual occurrence. Further investigation revealed that it's up side would be a new travel route & the possibility of striking oil. The way the world's governments and the media manipulate the public infuriates me.I do not understand why people can not see the obvious (not that I think it can be stopped). However as a nurse I understand my patients' rights to be fully informed so why should this be any different?Please, you don't have to answer that question because I know the answer. It's because of greed and the need to obtain more power. I'm sorry but injustice really infuriates me and I suppose it hindered my first posting. I hope this helps you to understand.