Monday, December 17, 2007

Inside the green house: What's old is new again.

Well in an effort to reduce green house gases a shipping company has reverted to an old favorite

THE world's first commercial merchant ship pulled by a giant kite that helps its engines to cut greenhouse gas emissions has been launched in Hamburg.

The SkySails kite is designed to catch strong winds up to 300 meters above the surface of the sea. It is worth €500,000 ($840,000) and projected to cut fuel costs by about 20 per cent, or $US1600 ($1800) a day.

Not a bad ideal, but there is a reason we dropped the sail 100 years ago.


MV Beluga SkySails will make its maiden voyage across the Atlantic to Venezuela in January. Its kite can use offshore winds with the help of its high-tech control pod but would be useless in head-on winds. The system would not benefit ships traveling faster than 16 knots.

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