Sunday, December 23, 2007

I have Evolved

I signed up with the Truth Laid Bear which uses an ecosystem to rate the number of visits you get to your blog. I started has an  Insignificant Microbe,then quickly evolved to an Multicellular Microorganism. Now, at last, I have Evolved again into a Slimy Mollusc. Thanks to all my many readers. Both of you :) I am the 35,687th most popular blog.

This is the list of creatures in the Truth Laid Bear ecosystem.


Higher Beings
Mortal Humans
Playful Primates
Large Mammals
Marauding Marsupials
Adorable Rodents
Flappy Birds
Slithering Reptiles
Crawly Amphibians
Flippery Fish
Slimy Molluscs
Lowly Insects
Crunchy Crustaceans
Wiggly Worms
Multicellular Microorganisms
Insignificant Microbes

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