Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The survey says...

Most Americans are Christians. Why is this earth shattering news important? I guess it's not really, but it does remind me of one of the left's trick, use polls to change public opinion rather then report it. Or, has I have faced so many time, use polls to prove others are wrong "most people think the war is wrong, you're too stupid to know that if most people think it's wrong, it's wrong." With that kind of attitude perhaps some of the protesters should convert.

I had recived a poll once, they sent me a mailer to answer some questions about President Bush Sr. It involved some questions on a policy I agreed with but the choices were phrased in such a way you had to be a heartless dolt to answer in a positive way, I wish I had kept it.

Don't believe polls buddy. They can be rigged and even when they are not they can be twisted by the press to say what they want it to say...

The unforgivable flaw in Zogby's survey is the biased phrasing of its questions and answers. Two of the most provocative results are based on questions with no middle ground.

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