Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Listen to me when I'm talking to you.

So any way since I was not doing much today.  I decided to go ahead and play with the voice recognition software that came with Microsoft Vista.

It still has its bugs but I do think it is better than in the old days. I remember the very first time my mother bought Dragon Talk.  She was having so much fun with it for little while but then got frustrated because it kept making mistakes.  And while this new program is not perfect, it is a vast improvement I think over Dragon Talk.  As time goes on I'm pretty certain that I will not even need to have a microphone on, the computers will just know what I want to say it and say it for me.  Well anyway now that I have this going I think that I will use it quite a bit.  I think that I will find the opportunity to come up with much more interesting and exciting post because I will not have to worry so much about my spelling if I do misspell something I can just blame it on the computer.  So, this post here is just a test post and just a chance for me to practice.

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