Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Not Again

Just got this from a news letter from A.N.S.W.E.R. as they begin the promotion campaign for their next major action in March

 Join us on Saturday, March 15th for a massive demonstration in Washington, D.C., at which we will exercise our rights to assemble and speak on behalf of the majority of Americans, the majority of Iraqis, the majority of U.S. troops, and the majority of people around the world who all say: U.S. Out of Iraq! This gathering will support the Iraq Veterans Against The War Winter Soldier Testimonial.

If you paid any attention to the 2004 election one of the main charges leveled against John Kerry involved his testimony in the Senate regarding the "Winter Soldier Project" where many who participated lied about what they saw what they did and even about where they served.

A month after news of Mi Lai 109 "veterans" of the Vietnam war met in Detroit to exploit the news and capitalize on the  dismay Americans naturally felt at such news. While many involved were true vet and witnessed many hard things, the descriptions of crimes being wide spread, overlooked and even encouraged by superiors was a lie. But worse then these exaggerations were the flat out lies by many who did not serve in combat, go to Vietnam, or even serve at all, this fact was not revealed until after Kerry's testimony (and is denied to this very day) but by then the damage had been done.

Read "Stolen Valor" by BG Burkett,

Winter Soldier co-organizer, Al Hubbard, lied about being an officer wounded in Vietnam, and was confronted about it shortly afterward. Hubbard was a E-5 Staff Sergeant who did not serve in Vietnam.  Hubbard was one of the men who had the job of vetting the soldiers who would testify during Winter Soldier.

We have today the makings of a new smear against our troops, who are the people who will guide this, who will be the ones to make the false claims, and will we stand for it once more? I will not!!!

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