Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Scan: Mud Flats

Originally uploaded by George Bentley
I got a new scaner that allows me to scan my negatives so here is one. I didn't edit it because I think the dirt and scraches add to the effect.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Inside The Green House: Die you unbelievers

Global warming has become one of the most popular hammers used by the left to pound on those of us on the right.  Their insistence that we're wrong and they are right has become so pervasive it has become the basis for mass hatred of our ideology.  This has never been more clear to me than when I read this article by Dave Lindorf posted in the Boston Herald.  Not only is he a firm believer in the most extreme predictions of global warming, his hatred for people who differ in opinion from him is all encompassing.  His prediction that much of America will be flooded or uninhabitable within the lifetime of his cats fly in the face of logic and science.  It would be easy to dismiss this fool if his hatred and exaggerated predictions were not repeated so often.  I recommend you read the article and keep in mind that this global warming is about political change, not saving the planet. 

The important thing is that we, on the higher ground both actually and figuratively, need to remember that, when they begin their historic migration from their doomed regions, we not give them the keys to the city. They certainly should be offered assistance in their time of need, but we need to keep a firm grip on our political systems, making sure that these guilty throngs who allowed the world to go to hell are gerrymandered into political impotence in their new homes.

With global warming we have a system in place that can lead to the end of so many things we take for granted these days.  A group of leftists extremists invented, I would say they hijacked the science but in fact they invented it solely for the purpose of scaring the world into accepting their philosophy.

The area that will by completely inundated by the rising ocean—and not in a century but in the lifetime of my two cats—are the American southeast, including the most populated area of Texas, almost all of Florida, most of Louisiana, and half of Alabama and Mississippi, as well as goodly portions of eastern Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

When you challenge people on global warming you're often faced with many accusations including failure to understand the science, yet when you look at the history of the world it has been about global change.  Where I sit at this very moment was under a mile of ice just 20,000 years ago.  People used to hunt mammoths and run from Sabre tooth tigers.  The seas were low enough that we could walk from Alaska to Russia, most of Europe lived in caves.  Around 1000 years ago it was warm enough that Vikings farmed in Greenland these farms are now being discovered as the glaciers recede.  At the same time England was prime wine country.  Then we entered a period known has the little ice age, even having the "year without a summer".  And all this happened without a single S UV on the road.


When I was a teenager at home I remember watching Barney Miller, one of my favorite cop shows of all time, a suicidal environmental extremists broke into the police station and threatened to kill himself by drinking poison (red food dye) Did you ever wonder why there were no red M&Ms?  And why did this man take such drastic measures... to prevent the next ice age.  This was a real fear for many and the science backed up the belief.  The fact is we are fairly new to the idea of understanding how things work.  Not to mention that right now on Mars and Venus we are also finding global warming.  If our neighbors are experiencing the same symptoms but do not have SUVs perhaps SUVs are not the cause.  I say take the time to better understand the causes and root of the problem.  Beginning changes is not a bad idea, in fact saving gas and energy is a very good idea, but abandoning all our progress for unknown, and possibly negative consequences.  If we allow people to use global warming to silence their political adversaries and push unpopular ideas and agendas then we will certainly find nothing but hard times and political prisoners.

...but we need to keep a firm grip on our political systems, making sure that these guilty throngs who allowed the world to go to hell are gerrymandered into political impotence in their new homes.

The label of global warming denier is being bandied about, well I wear that label proudly.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The survey says...

Most Americans are Christians. Why is this earth shattering news important? I guess it's not really, but it does remind me of one of the left's trick, use polls to change public opinion rather then report it. Or, has I have faced so many time, use polls to prove others are wrong "most people think the war is wrong, you're too stupid to know that if most people think it's wrong, it's wrong." With that kind of attitude perhaps some of the protesters should convert.

I had recived a poll once, they sent me a mailer to answer some questions about President Bush Sr. It involved some questions on a policy I agreed with but the choices were phrased in such a way you had to be a heartless dolt to answer in a positive way, I wish I had kept it.

Don't believe polls buddy. They can be rigged and even when they are not they can be twisted by the press to say what they want it to say...

The unforgivable flaw in Zogby's survey is the biased phrasing of its questions and answers. Two of the most provocative results are based on questions with no middle ground.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Listen to me when I'm talking to you.

So any way since I was not doing much today.  I decided to go ahead and play with the voice recognition software that came with Microsoft Vista.

It still has its bugs but I do think it is better than in the old days. I remember the very first time my mother bought Dragon Talk.  She was having so much fun with it for little while but then got frustrated because it kept making mistakes.  And while this new program is not perfect, it is a vast improvement I think over Dragon Talk.  As time goes on I'm pretty certain that I will not even need to have a microphone on, the computers will just know what I want to say it and say it for me.  Well anyway now that I have this going I think that I will use it quite a bit.  I think that I will find the opportunity to come up with much more interesting and exciting post because I will not have to worry so much about my spelling if I do misspell something I can just blame it on the computer.  So, this post here is just a test post and just a chance for me to practice.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Sunday Scan: Christmas Eve Edition

So I not going to blog today. Please Allow me to share more of my photos.

reststopsunset Hazy sunset

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday Scan: Covered Parking

covered parking
Originally uploaded by George Bentley
Some places will tow your car, Other places will just crush it. Don't park in my spot!!!

Ok It was from that big snow storm we had a few year back.

I have Evolved

I signed up with the Truth Laid Bear which uses an ecosystem to rate the number of visits you get to your blog. I started has an  Insignificant Microbe,then quickly evolved to an Multicellular Microorganism. Now, at last, I have Evolved again into a Slimy Mollusc. Thanks to all my many readers. Both of you :) I am the 35,687th most popular blog.

This is the list of creatures in the Truth Laid Bear ecosystem.


Higher Beings
Mortal Humans
Playful Primates
Large Mammals
Marauding Marsupials
Adorable Rodents
Flappy Birds
Slithering Reptiles
Crawly Amphibians
Flippery Fish
Slimy Molluscs
Lowly Insects
Crunchy Crustaceans
Wiggly Worms
Multicellular Microorganisms
Insignificant Microbes

Merry Christmas Troops

With all the joy of the season, I want to share the hope of this celebration with you

The good news of salvation and forgiveness. God's grace come to  us.

I am not the only one to send holiday wishes to our soldiers.

Those calls have been coming earlier and more emphatically lately. The daily mail pickup by Battery B, 2nd Battalion, 138th Field Artillery, a National Guard unit from Carlisle, Ky., easily fills the bed of a Chevy Silverado, sometimes twice.

And it not just for Christmas either.

Sgt. Andrea Kaichi of Lexington got a Christmas package of Moon Pies and candy-dispensing penguin toys. She got Hanukkah packages, too. Kaichi isn't Jewish, but a support group somewhere thinks she is; it keeps sending menorahs and candles.

They get presents too.

There are Gummi Bears and chewing gum from U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., sunscreen from cheerleaders in Bowling Green, and packages from a hospital in Glasgow, a church in New Hope and a school in Owingsville. Cases of Ale-8-One ginger ale come from the plant in Winchester. The Department of Corrections sent each soldier a denim bag stuffed with a University of Kentucky calendar and a job recruitment flyer. The soldiers hope never to need the quantities of antifungal nail cream they've received or the ACE bandages, Band-Aids and bags and bags of lip balm. Mattingly likes to dig for the peppermint kind, the same flavor his 4-year-old daughter likes.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Pot and Kettle

The President talked about Syria's actions in Lebanon and their destabilizing effects. Has is par for the terrorist, Hezbollah had to step in.

Hezbollah MP Hassan Fadlallah told Reuters that Bush's comments on Thursday had further complicated efforts to forge a deal between the governing coalition and the Syria-backed opposition, which have been locked in a power struggle for more than a year.

They tend to forget that their own actions have been just a bit complicating, you know like blowing up opposition leaders. Among other actions.

The nine previous sessions have failed because a two-thirds quorum in parliament can only be secured by an agreement between the governing coalition and the opposition, led by Hezbollah.

Hezbollah wants the power to overrule the new president with a veto power, insuring Syria can continue control of Beirut.  But it could be just an excuse to keep things deadlock. And don't forget earlier this year many of the anti-Syria leaders were killed, enough to insure no action can be taken in parliament without Hezbollah's consent.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Not Again

Just got this from a news letter from A.N.S.W.E.R. as they begin the promotion campaign for their next major action in March

 Join us on Saturday, March 15th for a massive demonstration in Washington, D.C., at which we will exercise our rights to assemble and speak on behalf of the majority of Americans, the majority of Iraqis, the majority of U.S. troops, and the majority of people around the world who all say: U.S. Out of Iraq! This gathering will support the Iraq Veterans Against The War Winter Soldier Testimonial.

If you paid any attention to the 2004 election one of the main charges leveled against John Kerry involved his testimony in the Senate regarding the "Winter Soldier Project" where many who participated lied about what they saw what they did and even about where they served.

A month after news of Mi Lai 109 "veterans" of the Vietnam war met in Detroit to exploit the news and capitalize on the  dismay Americans naturally felt at such news. While many involved were true vet and witnessed many hard things, the descriptions of crimes being wide spread, overlooked and even encouraged by superiors was a lie. But worse then these exaggerations were the flat out lies by many who did not serve in combat, go to Vietnam, or even serve at all, this fact was not revealed until after Kerry's testimony (and is denied to this very day) but by then the damage had been done.

Read "Stolen Valor" by BG Burkett,

Winter Soldier co-organizer, Al Hubbard, lied about being an officer wounded in Vietnam, and was confronted about it shortly afterward. Hubbard was a E-5 Staff Sergeant who did not serve in Vietnam.  Hubbard was one of the men who had the job of vetting the soldiers who would testify during Winter Soldier.

We have today the makings of a new smear against our troops, who are the people who will guide this, who will be the ones to make the false claims, and will we stand for it once more? I will not!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Don't say a word, just say thank you

I was lead to this by my friends at Knowledge is power. I like the ideal and want to see it spread.


The sign we are using is intended to communicate
"thank you from the bottom of my heart. "

To make the sign simply place your hand on your heart
as though you're saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Then
pull your hand down and out, bending at the elbow
(not the wrist), stopping for a moment at about the belly button with your hand flat, palm up, angled toward the person you're thanking.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Inside the green house: What's old is new again.

Well in an effort to reduce green house gases a shipping company has reverted to an old favorite

THE world's first commercial merchant ship pulled by a giant kite that helps its engines to cut greenhouse gas emissions has been launched in Hamburg.

The SkySails kite is designed to catch strong winds up to 300 meters above the surface of the sea. It is worth €500,000 ($840,000) and projected to cut fuel costs by about 20 per cent, or $US1600 ($1800) a day.

Not a bad ideal, but there is a reason we dropped the sail 100 years ago.


MV Beluga SkySails will make its maiden voyage across the Atlantic to Venezuela in January. Its kite can use offshore winds with the help of its high-tech control pod but would be useless in head-on winds. The system would not benefit ships traveling faster than 16 knots.

ht SandraK

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Busy, Busy, Busy

This post has a false date to keep it on top.
True date, Saturday Nov 17, 2007.

Well I have been going to our state capital, Olympia WA to counter protest the awful people who use the war to promote their anti-America ideals. Has they attempt to block the return of the equipment of the Fort Lewis Striker Brigade from Iraq. They stand in front of our troops blocking their way while calling them war criminals and then when challenged claim the lie that they do support the troops. I will return this morning this time with my camera.
I have this as my good excuse for not posting much this week, and unfortunately I will have a hard time finding time to make new posts for the next couple of weeks as my boss liked the little manual I made so much he has asked me to write another. This one is for a whole department and will take much longer to write.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Paris Gold

Pairs Hilton has gone and done it again. She proved that she is one of the most beautiful woman on the planet. She did it in gold, to sell wine in a can.

Almost enough to make me fall off the wagon

Meanwhile, since she's already in the city, Hilton told a local paper she's also in search of Mr. Right. "A man to fall in love with, one for life, that I can start a family with," she replied when asked what she wants for the holidays.

/raises hand...

And now I want a burger

Sunday Scan: Rocks on Boulders

rocks on boulders
Originally uploaded by George Bentley
I went into the mountains to check out the 4 wheel drive of my then new to me '84 Honda Civic Wagon. I found this campsite where they had stacked the rock probably to take pictures so I took a few myself.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Inside The Green House: The Baby Tax

So after hearing about the British girl who got fixed to save the planet this next story was a natural follow up

Having babies is bad for the planet, and parents of more than two children should be charged a birth levy and annual tax to offset the "greenhouse gases" their child will be responsible for over his or her lifetime.

There is a small movement among the far left that wants to control population to a sustainable level, about 400 million. Hmm, I'm starting to wonder if this is a small movement or a hidden movement.

Global Warming is the hammer used to drive the nail of Global Dictatorship upon us all.

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday Scan: Mike's flowers

Mikes flowers
Originally uploaded by George Bentley


This map I found lets me show you where I have been :)

my travels outside the Continental US were all from my days in the navy.

Russia, China, Vietnam, and South Korea are all places I've seen has we sailed by but did not actually go to.

In case it doesn't work, click here.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Post # 300

Yea 300 post... Just goes to show if you keep at it you can make it :)

So for this milestone I want to shair a clip that both warmed my heart and gave me hope that we as Americans can in fact get along.
Jenna calls home.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday Scan

Originally uploaded by George Bentley
A stealth bomber for all to see

My Space Music Find

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins.

The voice behind Rilo Kiley

I found her on MySpace and just a few weeks latter I was able to see her live at Neumos bar. I took pictures


The woman is a wonder to hear and see and  I recommend her highly. Even if you just visit, if you take the time to listen, you will fall in love.

Past MySpace Music Finds Go directly to MySpace
Camille Bloom Camille Bloom 


  • I found them on MySpace
  • They must impress me enough so I'll make them my friend :)
  • not on a major label

Friday, November 30, 2007

Levasseur's Crimes

So if your going to spend 20 years in prison, why not play the political prisoner card? That is what Raymond Luc Levasseur did... I found out about him when I was searching for information on the weather underground, and while Levasseur name came up, I'm not clear as to his association to the weather underground.
This is the first hint I got that this guy was an anti-America nutbag.
Confined in U.S. prisons today are political prisoners who resisted these assaults- assaults against kin they never met, in countries they've never been to. They will remain in prison until their final breath, unless people of conscience unite to free them. Raymond Luc Levasseur is one such prisoner. These essays are his story .......

Now nowhere on this site does it mention what Mr Levasseur did to get put in prison for 20 years. All they discuss is the unfairness of this guy being locked up with no chance to get a fair parole hearing. He was released recently, but don't worry the lefties still have their grievance, he has to live in a halfway house.
So being a smart guy I was able to deduce that an America citizen could not be put in prison for 20 years without a trial on some charges other than political activism. It took some time to find something on his crime. And please note no one involved claims that he did not commit these crimes.

Raymond Luc Levasseur, now 57, was a member of the "Ohio Seven," a group responsible for 19 bombings and 10 bank robberies over a nine-year period that began in the 1970s. Arrested in the 1980s, Levasseur has spent the past 20 years in custody for his role in the crimes.

So 20 years for bank robbery and explosives but because they were done for political reasons he gets to play the wronged hero, the little guy standing up against the system, the man who sacrifices for something bigger than himself. Bull-poop!!! The guy was a whack job hippie who bought into the anti-America BS enough to act out violently and got caught. Their is a cult of lefties who take these people's claim of victim hood has Gospel, they hold criminals as heroes and heroes as criminals, they infest the anti-war movement today. These are the people who have used this war for political gain. These are the people who want to end the American way of life to pursue a socialist agenda that would not improve the lives of the downtrodden but has history has shown over and over will take hope from all and give power to a very few.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Venezuela-Guyana Conflict

What? You haven’t heard about this?
Nov 17th …
Guyana says 36 Venezuelan soldiers used helicopters and Compostion-4 (C-4), a type of plastic explosive, to blow up the two dredging machines on Thursday.

So what do they say about this in Guyana?
Nov 28th…
Eleven days after an invasion into the Cuyuni River area by the Venezuelan military, that country is still to respond to Guyana's concerns.
Meanwhile the opposition political parties and Guyanese at home and abroad have condemned the actions by the Venezuelan military, the lack of a response from Venezuela on the issue and are calling for decisive action from the government which would include going beyond a diplomatic note.


I wonder what Danny Glover has to say about this?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

inside the green house:No Parking

Well if you want to go to the UN's Global warming conference you will have a hard time finding parking for your private jet.

A Lack of Apron Area Will Compel Delegations Attending the UN Climate Change Conference to Park their Planes Outside of Bali.
Don't run away yet, there's more.
To meet the added demand for aircraft storage officials are allocating "parking space" at other airports in Indonesia.

So you fly 4,000 miles to talk about global warming and then your plane will have to fly empty hundreds of miles to park somewhere until your ready to go home. I wonder how many carbon credits this is gonna cost.

ht: orbusmax

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Friday, November 23, 2007

New Toy

I downloaded Windows Live Writer To help me write my blog.

I hope it works. Lets try a few tricks





and maps

small town CA

I like the spell checker I need it and it's easer than the one that blogger uses

Inside the green house: The Law of

Unintended consequences
"The building killed 60 birds in the first year," said Wegner, Emory's
chief environmental officer. "It was the wall of death."

The tall glass walls have birds flying full speed to their death. Funny that this had been a problem for home builders for years and now the green builders are surprised by this outcome.

Past green house reports:

Koz says we did it
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Shoulda seen it coming
Ah come on now
A bit imposing
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The debate is over?
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So Inconveniently
Extent of deception
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Global warming update

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


The best laugh I've had in a long time at Theo Sparks

Pilots and mechanics have some words.

P: Test flight OK, except auto-land very rough.
S: Auto-land not installed on this aircraft.

P: Mouse in cockpit.
S: Cat installed.

P: Aircraft handles funny.
S: Aircraft warned to straighten up, fly right, and be serious.

smelly hippies

So some may say it is unfair to call hippies smelly, and they may be right. Yet from time to time we do find proof.
A Nov 6, 2007 video still from The Olympian newspaper web site

A November 17,2007 photo on the My Own Side blog. That's 11 days of smelly

Monday, November 19, 2007

My Weekend

Well I was busy alright. I got my video camera to do most of the work. I gave my cannon camera light duty so I could have my fun

But my Cannon did do some work
My camera wasn't the only one working. Thanks to Byron Dazey

So my story goes like this, my friends in Olympia were doing the hard work of showing the anti-war gang that we really do support our troops. So I had to head down and help. Nov 17, 2007 Olympia Port Militarization Resistance ended 11 days of violent protest with a phony victory rally after failing to achieve their goal of stopping the offloading of US Army Strikers returning from Iraq and after causing considerable damage to private civilian property they marched a few short blocks and gave speeches to decry the fact that they were arrested and in some cases pepper sprayed for refusing to clear the roadways. As we have done all through this circus we troop supports were their to show that another voice is waiting to rise up. Well they don't like this. During the course of this rally I began video taping and people were deliberately getting in my way so I did what I could to get a clear view eventually with no choice but to get on the stage to take my video. the last two people to block my camera were actual on the stage I like how after I was thrown on the ground and then I peacefully left you can hear the speaker decry the assaults they received from the police.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Scan

teen washington
Originally uploaded by George Bentley
You may remember Miss Teen Washington from a few weeks ago. That photo did not allow a good view so here is another

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Law and Order

This is what is called "Just Desserts".

How could it not?

Sometimes all you need to do is read the headlines to learn all you need to know.
Man's choice to use shotgun to loosen lug nut turns out bad

Monday, November 12, 2007

Don't taze me, bro Me

So not only did someone zap themselves,
Madison police released a report Monday on the July 31 incident, without revealing the officer's name or gender. The department said the Taser accidentally discharged during a standard checkout procedure.

But they got written up for it.
A letter of reprimand was issued because failing to ensure the air cartridge wasn't loaded was a violation of department policy, the report said.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Anti-war Kids infront of a bigrig

Anti-war protesters are trying to interfere with our war efforts. In Olympia WA they are blocking the offloading of equipment retuning from Iraq. After a few arrests and a few days of frustration they have resorted to the last hope of the desperate propagandist, Children.
And then they complain about it.

Where have I been?

Well I've been doing some homework for work since Thursday. I've made a 16 page handbook for work and earned a few brownie points. I would like to show it off but it contains a lot of proprietary information so all I can do is show the cover page.

Sunday Scan

Hold On
Originally uploaded by George Bentley
Just a little fooling around with Black and White

Thank You

Thank You
Originally uploaded by George Bentley
Did you thank a Vet today?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A hug will get you two

Hugging Curious George
Originally uploaded by photoshy
Two days in detention.
A 13-year-old junior high school student was given two days of detention after school officials spotted her hugging friends after school last Friday.

So why the need for such drastic measures?
Mascoutah Superintendent Sam McGowen said today that the district's policy helps prevent misunderstandings and unwelcome expressions of affection.

Can we now say that political correctness has gone too far.

More on bad hugs.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

MySpace Music Find

Not much news going on of late so I thought of something I could do on those slow news days, so welcome to my... MySpace Music Page.

I am going to, from time to time, link to some great music I
have found while surfing on myspace.

There are great people with massive talent who use myspace to
reach new people. And I want to help.

Today's music find is

Camille Bloom.

I hope you
enjoy as much has I do.

Visit Camille's homepage.


  • I found them on MySpace

  • They must impress me enough to make them my friend :)

  • not on a major label

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My orders are on the way

to report to the residence life education program at the University of Delaware. It seems that students who live on campus are now required to attend training sessions on and demonstrate adherence to

highly specific university-approved views on issues ranging from politics to race, sexuality, sociology, moral philosophy, and environmentalism.

So has I faced charges of racism/fascism and other assorted ism's last Saturday I can feel blessed that I do not attend School, where I would likely find myself tied to a chair watching "Pleasantville" with my eyes propped open with toothpicks.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Global War

The war on terror is a global war. We are fighting everywhere, they are fighting everywhere. We fight on land sea and air. The enemy tries to hide from us in many ways, today one of those hiding places is gone.
A U.S. destroyer has entered Somali territorial waters in pursuit of a Japanese-owned ship loaded with benzene that was hijacked by pirates over the weekend, military officials said Monday.

And just to prove we mean business...
The Golden Mori radioed for help Sunday night. The Burke's sister ship, the USS Porter, opened fire and sank the pirate skiffs tied to its stern before the Burke took over shadowing the hijacked vessel.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sexy Panda

Zoologist talk of the efforts involved in getting young pandas to mate.

Theo Sparks would love this.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Report from the home front

Anti-war madness in Seattle Oct 27 2007.
I got there early and got to see the crowd build to an est. 2000 people (King 5 news)... not a happy group. Remember that organisers only held one rally in the North West (11 overall) this year, people were expected to come from all over. I guess they didn't, or there are not that many people engaged in this anti America BS any more... well time for my photos...

I parked near the end of the march, Occidental park

Seattle's Firefighter memorial

Waterfall garden (birthplace of UPS)

And here the anties use shoes to pull at the heart strings.

Then took a quick walk to the starting place of the march.

The Devil May Care!

Ready to protect.

A Commie Babe

Every anti-war rally must have some of these.

Your commie table selling Che Guevara books

Old lady wearing a terror scarf


and new to this years round of protest... Ron Paul supporter

And now for other photos of note:

I wonder if this Anarchist knows he is quoting Reagan?

Always planing the next rally.

Now at this point the march back to Occidental park begins and I expose myself as a member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.
This allowed the protester to expose the true level of hate they have for our troops as they tried to provoke me and my fellow co-conspirators.

And now we have people holding the flag of murders who shoot missiles at cities and schools and they have the nerve to call our troops killers!!!

More photos can be found on my Flickr page!

"Big" rally today

I'm going with my camera and will post a full report, if I don't get arrested!

PS I made a new sign,
Why do you want US to lose this war?
I support our troops and I support their mission
I Support True Middle East peace
I Support Israel’s war against Terror!
I Support America’s War against Terror!
Only Victory will assure peace.
A.N.S.W.E.R. is not a friend of our troops.
Why do you want US to lose this war

Pss If you see me get arrested on the news feel free to come down and bail me out :) please.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Inside the Green House: Koz says we did it.

We killed the Dinosaurs!

According to the record, it hasn't mattered why the temperature rose, only that it did. The result was the same -- a massive loss of species both on land and in the sea. If global warming and the associated changes are what really does in ecosystems, what does that say about our immediate future?

it all adds up. We made the world warmer and the dinosaurs made the world warmer and everybody died... Now I'm scared.

There are some things that common sense will tell you just ain't so.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Pin Ups for Vets... The name says it all.

watch her video


Far left sexist communist who go by the name Code Pink once again attempt to shut down all speech that does not fit their ideal of the world... This time they interrupted The Secretary of State at a Senate hearing

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The White House response.

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Medea Benjamin can be seen holding a sign in the photo above, now watch her deny this has she is being arrested for her part in this disgraceful action!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Their crime?

refusing to take their 11 year old foster child to "gay association meetings"
Earlier this year, Somerset County Council's social services department asked them to sign a contract to implement Labour's new Sexual Orientation Regulations, part of the Equality Act 2006, which make discrimination on the grounds of sexuality illegal.

Officials told the couple that under the regulations they would be required to discuss same-sex relationships with children as young as 11 and tell them that gay partnerships were just as acceptable as heterosexual marriages.

They could also be required to take teenagers to gay association meetings.

Next it will be illegal to force the kids to go to church... or heaven forbid pray at bedtime!!!