Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Inside the green house: Were #2

We have lost our edge in the crucial field of CO2 emissions. China now out produces us and they are continuing to expand their production by building many more coal burning power plants.

"With this, China tops the list of CO2 emitting countries for the first time," it said. Almost all scientists say rising amounts of carbon dioxide will bring more droughts, floods, desertification, heatwaves, disease and rising seas.

So with all this doom and gloom on the horizon, why would China risk the Earth just to have Electricity?

China and other major developing nations have promised to do their "fair share" to curb greenhouse gases but say it is too early to talk of caps or cuts when rising energy use is key to helping hundreds of millions of people escape poverty.

So what does the Kyoto Protocol require of China... not much.

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