Saturday, June 30, 2007

It didn't take long

for the far left to blame today's attack on bush... Not that bush allowed it or that bush knew but that bush did it to get people hyped up in time for the upcoming election. I kid you not. And this is on one of the most widely read left wing blogs on the Internet, not some fringe tinfoil convention hangout.
This story initially reminded me of so many others; it was hard to chose which one fits the mold the closest. You had all the well-timed "terrorist attacks" in Israel leading up to the '04 sElection, you had the war of aggression against Lebanon by Israel leading up to '06 (which backfired, thank god), and for both '06 and '08 you had all these very vague claims of "terrorist" shakedowns and thwarted attacks happening overseas, all shilled by the complicit media. But I think this one's a little differ

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