Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A message to Truthers

Be good Americans, GO AWAY...

It’s hard for me to contain my anger at these fools and liars who twist this awful event to sustain their agenda of hate for our great nation.

I did some research after posting about 9-11, an attempt to defend Rudy Giuliani. This post netted me the most comments of any so far. I kept my side of the conversation confined to the subject at hand and answering direct questions, the more I answered the more I got told how uninformed I was. Still I enjoyed the conversation, until one truther descended into an attack on my faith, a person who knows nothing about me (something I've also posted about) I found these attacks to be a common tactic by the far left who infest these 9-11 and anti-war movements, and they are the same btw don't let anyone fool you. Well all I can say is, give it up, they will not listen to reason, anything you say is automatically discarded as your own ignorance. They have scholars on their side you know.

Anyway I did some searching at youtube to find some videos of the attacks, in particular the south side of building 7, to see what they claim to be proof, to point out what is the real truth. What I’ve found to be most striking is the way they come up with one possible explanation and present it as the only possible explanation. Yet it is really a stretch to come up with the possibility they came up with.

Lets take one and work it thru… The Towers were brought down by explosives. (Just a note: they’ve changed this to thermite charges because they couldn’t keep up the lie.) First it is not possible to rig the building in a way that it would not be noticed. Next the amount of explosives would be huge (so it’s thermite now). So lets go now with thermite, what about the squibs? They were key to the explosives theory, so now are the truthers going to finally accept the government’s story that the squibs were just built up pressure from the collapse escaping? No!

Today I learned a new twist on the truthers movement, i.e. the videos we all saw of the 2nd plane hit the tower was fake, yes fake, the truthers say the tape was fake and done poorly; they want CNN to go to jail. I kid you not. I also learned that advance space lasers were used. How could any sane person follow this madness?

Update: Spelling corrections by Steve.


Steve said...

As it is apparent that you don't really want to discuss anything, which is curious since you put your ideas out to the world leaving it open for a response (sort of a verbal masturbation), I'll make this my last comment.

I assume that you are refering to me when you were "attacked" about your "faith".

I said that to get you to consider how it is not possible to reconcile the teachings of Jesus and your support of the "War on Terror", with all that it has brought.

This is not an attack on your faith. This is a question you should be asking yourself. If your faith can't withstand questioning, then there's no substance to your faith.

My point is, leave religion out of it. Either you approve of killing, maiming, torture, etc. or you are a man of God. You can't have it both ways.

As for what "truthers" believe, it is as diverse as what Christians believe. You can't lump them all together. I certainly don't buy into the "no-planes" theory, or the DEW theories. By the way, its thermite. Termites are the bugs that eat your house.

As for the rest of your post, well, I could easily show you the fallacy of your argument, but you don't want to talk about.

But I will say that among the so-called "truthers" I find the true American spirit alive and well, poeple that truly love our nation, as opposed to the blind loyalty and fealty to the government those of your mindset show. Where I come from, the Constitution comes first. I swore to uphold and defend it against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

G'Willie said...

“I assume that you are referring to me when you were "attacked" about your "faith".

Well Duh
Can you tell me what it is you know about my faith? There is no reason for you to bring up my faith, except to distract from the topic. You were force to face the possibility that you had been lied to by the leaders of your movement and you reverted to a common, tactic. One I've seen many times. The thing is I do not bring my faith into these discussions I did not bring my faith into our discussion, you did!!! The fact the you are the one who brought it up and did so out of the blue is what make its an attack

"Either you approve of killing, maiming, torture, etc. or you are a man of God. You can't have it both ways."

So there it is, the “our troops are killers/tortures”. This makes you an ASSHOLE!!!! You quote the oath, so I guess you know that this is BULLSHIT! You know our military is trained on the UCMJ and you know that our guys will and have put their own live in danger to protect the people of Iraq from the terrorist.

"By the way, its thermite. Termites are the bugs that eat your house."

Thank you. if you read my intro message I warned you about my spelling and asked for correction. I’ll make the changes.

"As for the rest of your post, well, I could easily show you the fallacy of your argument, but you don't want to talk about."

This post is a rant, not an argument. And yes it was prompted by your attack on me. It was also a vent of the outrage I felt while watching so many videos attacking our nation. Some subtlety lying and others outright deceitful!

Final thought; the Truther movement is a lie. They lied about the speed of the falling buildings, they take statements out of context and then present this far fetched conspiracy as the only possible explanation, they discount the many other statements, and they dismiss any evidence that is counter to the “truthers” theory. They will attack people who challenge them, just like you attacked me…