Tuesday, June 5, 2007

It happened

I'm in love


Steve said...

I assume you are offering an open invitation for people to respond to your blog, otherwise you wouldn't put in the time.

Here's my input:

This girl (about 15, 16 years old? Too young for you...) is obviously terrified at what she perceives to be imminent danger, maybe in her grandmother's neighborhood.

As to the two "terrorist plots" that Bush uncovered (obviously not Bush himself, but she clearly puts the praise in him), neither of these so-called plots wereeven close to being a threat, for one thing, and neither would have succeeded. The JFK "plot" of blowing up fuel lines would have failed simply because there isn't any oxygen in the lines to allow for a massive explosion of jet fuel (essntially kerosene). Also, the fuel lines were equipped with heat-sensing valves that would have isolated any part of the system that could have caught fire.

As for the Ft Dix "raid", once again the "plot" was nowhere near being any kind of imminent threat, and, as most of these things go, their were suspicious circumstances to the organization. First of all, they seemed to want to get caught, since The FBI says it learned of the supposed plot when the men went to a Circuit City store and asked a clerk to transfer a jihad training video of themselves onto a DVD. Sure. Do you really buy that? Another suspicious aspect was that the plot was more or less organized by the government informants, guiding their brain-damaged (read public-school-edumacated) patsies into a bare semblence of criminal activity (which could be virtually anything since the passage of the anti-American PATRIOT Act).
In almost all cases of these "terrorist plots" their are government informants at their core. These are usually criminals (drug dealers mostly) who have negotiated their sentences by working with the government. So you know you can trust them.

That little girl had a look of terror in her eyes. Our nation cannot survive if everyone is like her; scared of her own shadow. Our founding fathers would be crestfallen to see what has happened to the liberty we inherited from them, lost because we were too afraid to uphold the basic tenets, the essential spirit of the Bill of Rights.

G'Willie said...

Your always welcome here Steve only you've said you’re not coming back so...

You are using a standard tactic again! I see this and that tells me you are not just someone adding your two cents to the discussion but that you are an activist who was trawling search engines for 9-11 stories to post your form letter replies. Nothing more, nothing less, just so you know, I'm onto you.