Saturday, June 30, 2007

And the game goes on

Here is another post trying to place the blame for today's bombing on a false flag operation, he starts with the 7/7 bombings and build from there,

I never believed the official story.

It is preposterous to assert that within just a few hours the authorities had positively identified four young men out of the millions who use the tube system every day.
All of Europe was full of laughing young people carrying backpacks.
It was absurd for Tony Blair to announce that there would be no official investigation because they needed to concentrate on preventing further incidents.
The whole thing was a lie in the form of a false flag operation.

From there he talks about the events of the last two days
Isn't it perfectly obvious that this operation is meant to trigger our memories of what happened 3 years ago, re-traumatize us, and make us flee into the protective arms of our loving government?

Update: You may have noticed that many of the comments in the first two posts chastise the diarist for their conspiracy theories, yet on the Larry Johnson post many of the comments make the very same points as the diarist from the other two post…

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