Monday, November 19, 2007

My Weekend

Well I was busy alright. I got my video camera to do most of the work. I gave my cannon camera light duty so I could have my fun

But my Cannon did do some work
My camera wasn't the only one working. Thanks to Byron Dazey

So my story goes like this, my friends in Olympia were doing the hard work of showing the anti-war gang that we really do support our troops. So I had to head down and help. Nov 17, 2007 Olympia Port Militarization Resistance ended 11 days of violent protest with a phony victory rally after failing to achieve their goal of stopping the offloading of US Army Strikers returning from Iraq and after causing considerable damage to private civilian property they marched a few short blocks and gave speeches to decry the fact that they were arrested and in some cases pepper sprayed for refusing to clear the roadways. As we have done all through this circus we troop supports were their to show that another voice is waiting to rise up. Well they don't like this. During the course of this rally I began video taping and people were deliberately getting in my way so I did what I could to get a clear view eventually with no choice but to get on the stage to take my video. the last two people to block my camera were actual on the stage I like how after I was thrown on the ground and then I peacefully left you can hear the speaker decry the assaults they received from the police.

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