Friday, November 30, 2007

Levasseur's Crimes

So if your going to spend 20 years in prison, why not play the political prisoner card? That is what Raymond Luc Levasseur did... I found out about him when I was searching for information on the weather underground, and while Levasseur name came up, I'm not clear as to his association to the weather underground.
This is the first hint I got that this guy was an anti-America nutbag.
Confined in U.S. prisons today are political prisoners who resisted these assaults- assaults against kin they never met, in countries they've never been to. They will remain in prison until their final breath, unless people of conscience unite to free them. Raymond Luc Levasseur is one such prisoner. These essays are his story .......

Now nowhere on this site does it mention what Mr Levasseur did to get put in prison for 20 years. All they discuss is the unfairness of this guy being locked up with no chance to get a fair parole hearing. He was released recently, but don't worry the lefties still have their grievance, he has to live in a halfway house.
So being a smart guy I was able to deduce that an America citizen could not be put in prison for 20 years without a trial on some charges other than political activism. It took some time to find something on his crime. And please note no one involved claims that he did not commit these crimes.

Raymond Luc Levasseur, now 57, was a member of the "Ohio Seven," a group responsible for 19 bombings and 10 bank robberies over a nine-year period that began in the 1970s. Arrested in the 1980s, Levasseur has spent the past 20 years in custody for his role in the crimes.

So 20 years for bank robbery and explosives but because they were done for political reasons he gets to play the wronged hero, the little guy standing up against the system, the man who sacrifices for something bigger than himself. Bull-poop!!! The guy was a whack job hippie who bought into the anti-America BS enough to act out violently and got caught. Their is a cult of lefties who take these people's claim of victim hood has Gospel, they hold criminals as heroes and heroes as criminals, they infest the anti-war movement today. These are the people who have used this war for political gain. These are the people who want to end the American way of life to pursue a socialist agenda that would not improve the lives of the downtrodden but has history has shown over and over will take hope from all and give power to a very few.

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