Saturday, October 27, 2007

Report from the home front

Anti-war madness in Seattle Oct 27 2007.
I got there early and got to see the crowd build to an est. 2000 people (King 5 news)... not a happy group. Remember that organisers only held one rally in the North West (11 overall) this year, people were expected to come from all over. I guess they didn't, or there are not that many people engaged in this anti America BS any more... well time for my photos...

I parked near the end of the march, Occidental park

Seattle's Firefighter memorial

Waterfall garden (birthplace of UPS)

And here the anties use shoes to pull at the heart strings.

Then took a quick walk to the starting place of the march.

The Devil May Care!

Ready to protect.

A Commie Babe

Every anti-war rally must have some of these.

Your commie table selling Che Guevara books

Old lady wearing a terror scarf


and new to this years round of protest... Ron Paul supporter

And now for other photos of note:

I wonder if this Anarchist knows he is quoting Reagan?

Always planing the next rally.

Now at this point the march back to Occidental park begins and I expose myself as a member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.
This allowed the protester to expose the true level of hate they have for our troops as they tried to provoke me and my fellow co-conspirators.

And now we have people holding the flag of murders who shoot missiles at cities and schools and they have the nerve to call our troops killers!!!

More photos can be found on my Flickr page!

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Gecko said...

Gotta see it to beleive it. Good pictures. Thanks.