Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Not Gonna Happen

The starting bid on the Hering-Bau automatic public toilets is $89,000 each.


89k for something that cost King County a million 500,000 dollars each (plus millions of dollars in up keep) and my guess is it's not gonna sell at that price, they are not in good shape. It was a flop when they brought them it's going to be a flop when they sell them, and the tax payers are the ones being flushed.

On May 19, the City Council voted 5-0 to remove the problem toilets. Four council members were not present. Council President Richard Conlin said although people were using the high-tech, self-cleaning silver stalls, they also fostered illegal behavior, such as prostitution and drug use.

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Update: 2 full days, no bids, only 8 days left. Here's your best chance to get your very own Automated Public Toilet. Here are the details posted on the e-bay site for the Pike Place Market toilet.

The City of Seattle is making available its surplus inventory of five (5)
industrial-grade, automated public restroom facilities. This auction is
for one (1) unit only - check our other auction for the remaining 4
This automatic public toilet (APT) was made by
of Germany. These units were installed in
several locations around the city of Seattle in March of 2004 and have seen
moderate, average use since then. City officials have decided to pursue
other options for public bathrooms and are now offering the APTs for immediate
surplus sale.
The APT offered in this auction is located near
the Pike Place Market (S/N: 103). The other units are
located near the Elliot Bay waterfront, in Pioneer Square, in the
International District and on Capitol Hill.
Purchasing a pre-owned APT
can offer significant savings for any company, municipality or other agency
considering such facilities, as the cost per unit new is approximately

Worth a visit just for the demo video.
Corrections: changed initial cost of APTs from 1,000,000 to 500,000$. I stated the estimated cost of operations has “millions of dollars”.
Update: less than 3 hours left, no bids.

Now what?

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