Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today's photo photoshopped

While Iran is swinging the big stick around we learn that it may not be has big has Iran wants us to believe.  I watched this video of the Iranian rocket launches last night and something about it didn't seem right, you can see that one didn't go off..

Now it turns out that this is not what Iran wants the world to see.IranMissilesReal

this is the photo that went to the world press yesterdayIranMissilePhotoshoped

with the Iranian clone tool pointed out by LGF. Good bye dud, hello stud!!


Anna said...

Great job posting the obvious for blind people like me. I have read other blogs declaring the photochopping but none until now has pin pointed it out
Thanks for clarifying it for po lil ol' me

G'Willie said...

I'm glad I could help. You did notice, I hope, that the details were first noted on the LGF (Little Green Footballs) blog, a great source for all things blogged.
And just so you know, I am officially declaring you my first regular poster. Congratulations and thanks.

G'Willie said...

Correction, "poster" should read commenter or reader even.

Anna said...

I read your blog a lot. (I'm more of a lurker though.)
With Marysville being my home town it makes your blog seem so familiar and comfy-like