Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I wonder if they know

I wonder if the person who wrote this comment knows that he just did what he condemned?

The talk-radio ogres blame all of our problems on liberals. They portray them as an infection of America's moral fiber. Constant scapegoating of any group could have unintended consequences, but they are consequences nonetheless.

Here we have a person who is condemning scapegoating while at the same time scapegoating talk-radio. Brilliant. This is all in response to the tragic shootings in  Knoxville, Tennessee. On a blog (The Huffington Post) that is all about scapegoating conservatives, It is easer to blame a group where you've invested your hatred then to just say one man did this. This is true for everyone, the killer, the people at the Huff-post, and even the people at talk-radio.

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