Sunday, June 15, 2008


Ok sorry for the dumb post title, I couldn't help it. Has I was exploring the rest of the web site I found one of my neighbors (not anyone I know, just someone who lives in the same part of town has me.) I read his profile and was shocked at the grammar (I'm really not one to talk so you know it's gotta be bad.)



Location: South Everett, Washington
Why I support Barack Obama: Why I am supporting Senator Barack Obama two reasons: First, Senator Obama is a man who remaind figure has a leading hand of Leadership
1 of his country 2, a great symbol of hope and dream something that represents mean something needed deeply rooted in the American spirit back to people and United States since a time in the 1860’s of Presidency of Abraham Lincoln and the 1930’s Franklin D. Roosevelt. Senator Obama is new hope and new change for America 3 and her people in the 21st Century. Second, my cousins Caroline B. Kennedy, Senator Edward M. Kennedy and Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy 4 they give him the endorsement to his 2008 Presidential Campaign for President. 5
Birth Date: October 19th
Issues: equality / civil rights; civil liberties / privacy; peace & social justice; foreign policy / security; economic fairness / security; environment / conservation; smart energy policy; public infrastructure / transportation; good government / ethics; electoral reform; affordable health care; education
Registered to Vote: Yes

Some things of note

1) Leading hand of leadership... A little redundant but still grand

2) His country... not ours but his, a clue?

3) is new hope and new change of America... well I guess the old hope and old change just wasn't working out.

4) my cousins Caroline B. Kennedy, Senator Edward M. Kennedy and Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy... Ok lets do a little latching on and name dropping all in one line. Be careful you don't want to over do it.

5) Presidential Campaign for President... has opposed to his Presidential campaign for mayor.

6) Registered to Vote: Yes... This last part scares me most.

I hope he is just some little guy in India that George Soros paid to fill out web pages, but you never know, do you.


And here's another randomly chosen neighbor's Obama profile.



Location: Everett, WA
Why I support Barack Obama: I Believe he can and will change in things around!!!

I didn't think I would see anything scarier that commies supporting someone with a real chance of winning, but stupid votes are the scariest of all!

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