Monday, June 16, 2008

The price we pay for Carter's mistakes.

There was a time when I bought the line of Carter being the greatest Ex-President, but then I started to see the other things he was doing when he wasn't building houses. Like his 1994 visit to North Korea resulting in a deal that was never enforced and followed by North Korea's first nuclear test just 12 years later, and that awful book. I could list a whole page more but I don’t feel like looking it all up, please feel free to pile on, it might be fun.

We have now, brought to the forefront by recent attacks in Zimbabwe by Carter backed dictator President Mugabe, a new crisis.

After the first free election there in April 1979 Mugabe lost, in spite of voter intimidation and attacks that killed 10 people and a hit list of dozens. Yet President Carter refused to lift sanctions or to endorse any unity government that did not include Mugabe. This led to Mugabe being in a position to later seize power and is directly responsible for today's crimes

Mr. Mugabe is one of the nastiest dictators in Africa — he has inflicted a "silent genocide" by starving his own people. The effects of his authoritarian rule have been made all the worse by his staying power. In more than 27 years as head of state, Mr. Mugabe has turned one of Africa's most productive economies into a shambles. A country whose currency once beat the British pound now boasts an inflation rate nearing 10,000% per annum and a land that once exported beef and grain now has a population desperately in need of food and humanitarian aid.

And for another reason I feel Carter is bad for America.

carter-chavez-best-02 zzmugabechavez Ahmadinejad-Mugabe1

Carter/Chevez, Chavez/Mugabe, Mugabe/Ahmadinejad.

3 degrees of dictatorial separation.


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rachel said...

Carter is proof that voting for an unknown is a very dangerous thing. Obama is Carter with a tan.

Larry T said...

We had fine choices for the democratic party presidential candiate. Hillary's early mentors of communist laywers and Obama's mentors who were marxists.