Thursday, January 1, 2009

Doctors Said to abort these babies.


Leeann Phelan with son Jayden: 'It makes my blood run cold to think we could have lost him'


England is abuzz about "The Boy Who Lived," and no, his name isn't Harry Potter, but he did survive a deliberate attempt on his life. Two, in fact, while still in his mother's womb. The boy, Gabriel Jones, was the weaker twin and had an enlarged heart. Doctors told his mother that they believed he would die in the womb, and if he did, they said, that would cause his brother to die, too.

Heather O'Connor with baby Jake.

A couple were advised by medical experts to abort their unborn child amid fears he would be severely disabled - but he was born perfectly healthy. Heather O'Connor and Jamie Bramley went through months of turmoil after being told that scans suggested part of the baby's brain could be missing.

My search of the Internet led me to lots of stories like these (I only posted those with pictures)  for some reason all of these stories were from British websites. Is this a result of Nationalized Health Care?

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Henry North London said...

its called being overly cautious in the NHS