Monday, November 14, 2011

Other things the 99% will never be

Just a reminder that while the #occupy protesters decry the fact they will never be in the richest 1% here are just a few of the other 1 percent they most likely will never make,


They are not likely to join the less than 1% of Americans who are firefighters, police, military, or doctors. In other words, The very people that make it possible for them to act like greedy spoiled children!


Cam/the anonymous guy said...

Yeah, except that they don't act like greedy spoiled children...most of them act like caring, patriotic, responsible citizens (many of whom ARE firefighters, police officers, military personnel, etc.) who are doing their duty to speak out against injustice. It's about time someone pointed out that we've strayed too far away from REAL capitalism, and into crony capitalism/borderline fascism/corporate favoritism/corporate socialism (all of those terms basically mean the same thing). Occupiers are the ones we should be thanking; they are the real capitalists. The very notion of a "too-big-to-fail" private-sector institution is anti-capitalist.

By the way, I was the same "anonymous" (the name's Cam) who posted on your thing about Obama being "not a patriot" because he didn't put his hand on his heart during the pledge. And yeah, I'm a conservative.

G'Willie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Cam, nice to meet you. As a conservative you should be aware of the very anti-capitalist intent and goals of this OWS movement, as a conservative you should be aware that the tea party's peaceful protests (falsely depicted as racist, hateful, and violent) stood against the "to big to fail" bail outs. Don't look at what the speak out against look at what the offer as solutions, that my friend is where the truth of their intentions lie.

G'Willie said...

the = they, twice :)