Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gaza’s tunnel rats

The far left “rights group” B’Tselem has an essay by a 17 year old boy living in Rafah. Young Imad is working to support his family, 10 in all, in the smuggling tunnels running under the Egyptian Border.

Lets break out the tiny violin for this teenage weapon smuggler


Everything comes in through the tunnels: biscuits, chocolate, refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, kitchen utensils, cigarettes, sheep, cattle, milk, clothes, wood, aluminum, auto spare parts, lighting products, electronic equipment, cheese, boxes of candies, air-conditioners, pipes, plastics, and other things. Cement also comes in through the tunnels, but not in large quantities because it is heavy and hard to move. The cement is poor quality and suitable only for repairs and renovation work.

The tunnels are there to get weapons past the boarder, the Qassam rockets are made from smuggled parts, they are used to attack civilian targets, this child is engaged in an action that is a war crime.

Here are some pictures of stuff not smuggled in the tunnels from Elder of Zion.

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When the tunnel collapses during the day, the Egyptian soldiers can catch me and degrade and beat me. About a year ago, they caught me when the tunnel collapsed and I got out on the Egyptian side. They jailed me for a few days and treated me poorly, even though I was young.

He should know he’s done this for more than 2 years.

The Israeli planes bomb the tunnels every time a rocket is fired from the area at Israel. The bombs destroy the tunnels and kill and injure people working in them. Lots of times, the Egyptians tell the National Security forces, which belong to Hamas, that a bombing attack is expected. We get out and then go back to work after the bombing. Sometimes, they bomb the tunnel and a few hours later, after the workers have gone back to work, bomb again, and there are dead or injured.

So Israel tells Egypt they need to act and Egypt tells Hamas. Welcome to warfare in the “enlightened age” ever wonder why there are no more short wars?

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