Friday, January 29, 2010

Can you find another outrage please

Why must you make up a reason to be outraged at this?


A stamp to honor the life and work of Mother Teresa.

why should Mother Teresa be so honored? America's disproportionately powerful Roman Catholic influence undoubtedly accounts for this turn of events. Mother Teresa is on the fast-track to sainthood and the Catholic Church is pulling out all the stops to beatify one of their own.

Note: I never knew being on a US Postage stamp was a step to Sainthood.

It is because in your efforts to drive all  discussion of God from the American dialog you have to disparage any good that may come.


Betts (from the post office) said that despite the Foundation's accusations and letter-writing campaign, "The response to Mother Teresa has been overwhelmingly in favor of this stamp."

He said the Mother Teresa stamp, like other stamp subjects, will "stand the test of time, reflect the cultural diversity of our nation and have broad national appeal."

HT: Newsbusters


DoubleU said...

If you don’t like the stamp then DON’T BUY IT. It isn’t like health insurance… no one is going to force you to buy it.

Diamond Mair said...

Tell me again why these 'moral arbiters' don't wail/wank/whine/whinge over stamps honoring pIslam? Oh, THAT'S right - they only have the {snicker!} "courage of their convictions" when denigrating religions that don't advocate beheading of non-believers ........................

Semper Fi'