Saturday, March 20, 2010

7 years on and all the fizzle is gone

Today is the 7th anniversary of the war in Iraq and I went to two protest to see how the other side chose to remember this day.

The first was in Everett. This years Anniversary fell on the same day of the week as the old weekly Friday protest/counter protest we have had here for all 7 years of the war. I had not been able to join them much because of work but I took the day off for the occasion.


first it was a picture perfect day!

Everett Peace Action showed up right on time (they always do)

IMG_0807 IMG_0816 IMG_0849

New to the line up is the “Stop Obama’s Drone Slaughter” sign, yet nothing about the homicide bombers who walk into open markets to blow themselves up or those who plant bombs in a girls school because “girls learning stuff is bad”… Oh and we can’t forget about the government takeover of about everything that matters in life… not that that has anything to do with the war.

And Evergreen Troop Support Group took up their positions as well.

IMG_0824 IMG_0839 IMG_0853

Look a few of Our Guys getting lunch. Soldiers gotta eat too.


and then they had to pass the other side.

IMG_0841 IMG_0842


Because of past violence from the “Peace activist” we’ve had a police presence for over a year.

 IMG_0872 IMG_0865

promptly at 1:00 they leave. Good I have to drive to Tacoma for the next event.


Traffic was light and I arrived about 30 minutes early, a few activist were already there but I wanted to spend some time getting photos of the city.

IMG_0878 IMG_0880 IMG_0882

But it didn’t take long for the crowd to grow…


IMG_0889 IMG_0924 IMG_0928

And in case you don’t think they lie about our Troops, look at this bumper sticker…


Oh yes they are calling our guys rapist! and in case you thought it was just one crazy fringe lefty here is another

IMG_0906crop cropped to obscure license plate

And this is an insider bringing signs.


Look! It’s the making of a gitmo prisoner… (the driver of the van pictured above)

IMG_0939 IMG_0942 IMG_0944 IMG_0946 IMG_0948 IMG_0950 IMG_0955 IMG_0957

Ok Lets march…

IMG_1045 IMG_1059 IMG_1084 IMG_1087 IMG_1096 IMG_1108

And lets all stand on a bridge and flash a peace Victory sign.

IMG_1127 IMG_1145

Dude, anymore hippy and Eric Cartman will come all the way from South Park to run you over with his Big Wheel.

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And watch the movie… Picture just don’t reflect the failure that this event really was…

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