Saturday, July 3, 2010

Don’t ever think they gave up

The left never gives up, they go after what they believe and if it gets exposed before they achieve their goal, then they denounce it, call those involved nuts change the name and try again. The Sexual revolution of the 60’s and 70’s was not about ‘consenting adults” rather it was about “consenting persons”. This is why NaMBLA is never out right condemned by the left and defended as a matter of the 1st amendment by the ACLU. That is why parents of preschoolers must fight to keep sexually suggestive material out of the class rooms. That is why little by little grade by grade children are learning more and more about their sexuality without their parents input.

I write this warning after reading a story of what happened when the Sexual Revolution was caught in Germany in 1970, before they called those involved nuts and gave it a new name.

A few days later, Besser paid a visit to the Psychology Institute in Berlin's Dahlem neighborhood, "to take a look at the place," as she says. In the basement, Besser found two rooms that were separated by a large, one-way mirror. There was a mattress in one of the rooms, as well as a sink on the wall and a row of colorful washcloths hanging next to it. When asked, an institute employee told Besser that the basement was used as an "observation station" to study sexual behavior in children.

No this was not just a thing at one school, it was a part of the movement…

Nowadays, the stimulation of a child's sex organs by an adult is clearly seen as criminal sexual assault. But for the revolutionaries of 1968, it was an educational tool that helped "create a new person," according to the "Handbook of Positive Child Indoctrination," published in 1971. "Children can learn to appreciate eroticism and sexual intercourse long before they are capable of understanding how a child is conceived. It is valuable for children to cuddle with adults. It is no less valuable for sexual intercourse to occur during cuddling."

They even wrote about it…

In his 1975 autobiographical book "Der Grosse Basar" (The Great Bazaar), Green Party politician Daniel Cohn-Bendit describes his experiences as a teacher in a Kinderladen in Frankfurt. When the children entrusted to his care opened his fly and began stroking his penis, he writes, "I was usually quite taken aback. My reactions varied, depending on the circumstances."

“usually quite taken aback”… “depending on the circumstances." My God man don’t you know enough to put a stop to it before it gets that far? How many times did this happen to you?

Never Never Never let the left control what your children learn, Ever!

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