Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Week

So I brought a new hard drive for my XP computer, Plugged it all in and everything was going good until about ten minutes into the file transfer explorer locks up. I reboot the computer but it just doesn’t seem to want to work right, then it won’t boot at all except in safe mode. This leads me to believe that a driver has been corrupted. So since I’m running XP (and looking for an excuse to upgrade my computer) I decide its not worth it to reinstall XP and run down to the store to by Windows 7 and a new ASUS motherboard, AMD Athlon II X3 425 2700 Mhz processer, 4 gigs of ram, Nvidia 9500GT 1 gig video card (that I plan to upgrade latter), and a new power supply. I get everything home and start pulling out the old guts when I see that the whole problem was a loose ground wire to my new hard drive, I could have saved 600 bucks! No biggie I wanted to do this anyway. I put in all the new stuff, turn it on and begin to restore my backups and downloading NortonsAV from Comcast (its free for Comcast customers) when I lose my connection. I was behind but had paid most of my bill just a week ago, so I guessed that it wasn’t enough to keep them from cutting me off, and after doing the unplug,wait, plugin the router and modem/reset the modem thing a few times I decide just to wait until payday to have them turn me back on. When I pay my bill the guy at the counter says I did not get cut off, (I kinda thought this would happen) So when I get home I call customer support, tell them what I did and he ask if I reset the router (why would I, the network was working fine, it was just the internet that was out) Well that was it, I reset the router and I’m back… Long story short… (too late) never assume, it can cost you cost time and money. Not that I’m complaining, after all I got a fast new computer out of the deal and I’m ready for some of those new computer games I’ve been wanting to buy (command and conquer 4) (CitiesXL 2011) I just need the money…

Oh, and Merry Christmas, I got a new computer, what did you get :)

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