Monday, January 10, 2011

Not wanting to start a backlash

When we’ve had these kinds of attacks in the past caused by people of one religious persuasion The mantra from the media has always been to exercise caution as to avoid a backlash directed at the innocent nonviolent members of said religion. They say to lay blame on the group as a whole would be “counter productive”, it would incite people to take action against anyone who could be identified with said group, with no evidence that such backlash had ever occurred in fact with the instances of “Hate Crimes” falling in all but one category (crimes against Jews) over the last ten years, this belief is so important to our media that they refused to identify the Fort Hood massacre has an act of jihad nor were they willing to identify the Time Square bomber as anything but a “lone actor” (apparently without motive) until all other avenues had been thoroughly explored (including a Tea Partier angry about the Health Care bill) and no option remained (days after the events and when the audience has died* down)

This is in stark contrast to the events of this weekend where while the bodies were still on the ground in Tucson the media was blaming the Right, the Tea Parties, Sarah Palin and Glen Beck.

So I can only come to one of two conclusions…. The media has lied about the fear of a backlash and instead are refusing to identify Jihadist for political reasons or they want to see a violent backlash against the Right, the Tea Parties, Sarah Palin and Glen Beck. Maybe both?


Speaking of Crosshairs here is something to ponder


Who’s putting Americans in gun sites?

Note: Palin’s ad had “targeted” 20 “districts” around the country, not people. The word “target” and the image has been used countless times in ads around the world for all kinds of messaging, this was nothing new nor was it some sinister attempt to inspire violence, to think otherwise is to join in the insanity that was the driving force behind the actions of  Jared Lee Loughner

HT: Jane Fonda picture via DougM At SondraK

*use of the word “died” was in no way intended to incite violence nor to imply ill towards anyone living are imagined.

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