Thursday, February 10, 2011

UN Role Model is woman who murdered 13 children

To be fair the UN Population Fund says they didn’t fund this ad and they did not make it, they did allow their name be attached to it and state that it was produced “in cooperation with” the UNPFA.

File:Dalal Mughrabi.jpg

A representative from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday that the UN would disavow a television campaign being aired on Arab television stations with the fund’s imprimatur, that deems a female Palestinian terrorist a “model woman.”

The woman highlighted in the ad, Dalal Mughrabi participated in a 1979 incursion of Israel where armed PLO operatives came ashore from Lebanon killed an American photographer on the beach then hijacked a tour bus while shooting at passing cars and killing bus passengers along the way to Tel Aviv. They were stopped by a police roadblock where they exploded a grenade on board setting fire to the occupied bus, killing many, 38 total, wounding more than 70.

this vile person also had a USAID funded school briefly named for her, once it became public the name was changed.


Anonymous said...'s "role" model.

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Its Sarah Palins fault

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"roll" model ... you've got to be kidding. I hope writing (blogging)is not your primary line of work.

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Dear Anonymous:
Thank you for the heads up I didn't catch that. No I do not make my living writing so that's good. :) Scroll to the bottom to see my explanation/excuse for the "typo"

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Wow, thank goodness all those anonymous commenters are there to zero in unerringly on the most important aspect of the post.