Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Peace cannot bring peace.

Not when one side refuses peace so soundly as these people did.

fairey mural

A Mural was painted on a wall overlooking a building that had been destroyed in 2007. This destruction resulted in months of unrest and riots. You would think this was part of some long entrenched ethnic rivalry or the result of some cruel occupation, the cries of a long abused and oppressed people. No this was in one of the lefts stronghold a shining star of liberal values and virtue. In Copenhagen, Denmark.

Within a day of completion, the mural was vandalized by protesters, with graffiti sending messages of "no peace" and "go home (snip) Fairey subsequently collaborated with former members of the 69 youth house to redecorate the lower half of the installation. His new version contains images of riot police and explosions, together with a new, more combative slogan: "Nothing forgotten, nothing forgiven".

What could have sparked such distain that a mural that proclaimed “Peace” would incite such a clash?

Allow me to bring up (from memory) the history of this place. This building was not used for many years, at some point squatters moved in, the owners wanted to reclaim their property but the squatters refused to leave. They engaged in lawfare to prevent the owners from reclaiming their property. Finally the owners were able to evict the trespassers (with police help) these evictions led to riots with far left activist coming from all over Europe to protest against property rights. The building was demolished by the rightful owners but legal action prevents any reconstruction.

So not only did people who had no title in a property claim it has their own, not only did they drag the rightful owners through decades of court battles, not only did they incite riots and mob actions to prevent these owners from exercising their court won rights to use their property as they saw fit, but now they attacked an artist who simply sought to plant the first seeds of reconciliation.

That my friends is the left in a nutshell.

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