Saturday, September 24, 2011


The Fremont Abbey is an old Church turned art center, a great place for music.

They released a Compilation CD to help raise some funds, I went to the release show with my camera and was blown away

The CD is called Thirteen Volume 1 (can’t wait for volume 2) 13 artist performing 13 songs on 1 cd,

and now on one YouTube playlist.

The Artist:

Debbie Miller, Brad Loomis, BC Campbell, Fort Union, Panama Gold, The Gloria Darlings, Tony Kevin Jr., The Local Strangers, Sean McGrath, Kevin Long, Pretty Broken Things, Matty & Mikey Gervais, and Kris Orlowski


Note: Some songs in the playlist are not on the CD, and vice versa. So be sure to get the CD

PS: This whole thing was put together by Aubrey Zoli of the Local Strangers

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Anonymous said...

Apparently, it takes very little for you to be "blown away".