Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bad mothers, Here’s one for you

Appropriate? Sarah Burge has given her daughter a £7,000 liposuction voucher for Christmas

Between her daughter’s birthday and Christmas this mother has given her daughter 13,000$ worth of vouchers for Plastic surgery (yes the little girl she is holding). But a more telling fact is that she has spent 500,000$ on plastic surgery for herself, if you ask me 20,000$ in tuition for cosmetology school would have been a better investment.

Note: This is a story from the daily mail so all dollar amounts are in pounds…

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Anonymous said...

And, to boot, I bet the kids daddy's absent and off fathering numerous children with numerous women, but the "lads" are sniffing around her like tom-cats around a female in heat.

She's probably collecting Social Welfare as well and lives rent free in a Council house.