Sunday, December 23, 2012

Liberals are wrong on Equality


But this isn’t Equality, it’s “Fairness” except it isn’t fair when you don’t pay to watch the game like everybody else did.

Lets take a look at it from a conservative's  perspective -mine. If a conservative were to watch this game from the other side of the fence, He would most likely only need the one box because he would have his youngest sitting on his shoulder leaving the other two boxes for another family to use.

A conservative however would pay for his tickets and watch the game from the inside and because he paid for his tickets he helped to provide jobs for everybody involved, from the ticket sellers at Ticketmaster, to the ticket takers at the gates. He provided jobs for the ushers the peanuts salesman the ball players the coaches and the groundskeepers. The team was then able to convince the TV networks that they had an audience big enough to justify the broadcasting of the games so that thousands more families could watch the games from home rather then standing in the cold outside the ball filed meaning more boxes ready for the poorest families without TVs to use so their children could stand on them and see the game. That is how a Conservative (me) sees fairness.

Oh and one more thing, in the bottom of the 9th with the home team down 3 to 6 with the bases loaded two outs and a full count the unsteady stack of boxes gave way and the liberal kid broke his arm.

Note: While I use “Liberal” and “Conservative” in an all encompassing manner I fully understand each of us are different no matter what side of the fence we watch the game from. So while some conservatives may indeed use the boxes as pictured above on the left (but really, who would take their kids to the game and not make sure they can see it) so may some Liberals, and many Liberals will gladly pay to see the game from the inside while many conservatives are happy to sneak a peek over the fence.

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