Saturday, September 1, 2007

Haditha falls apart.

As the far left tries to smear our troops with the most vile charges,

Now That the legal charges brought against two marines from Haditha have been ruled to be unfounded CNN brings a video from that fight to the public. This video puts a context to the attacks yet they did two things in that video to keep the "evil-troops" narrative alive. 1st they lay claim that all civilians were killed by our troops and 2nd they call for someone to be convicted or there will be no justice.
"It be would be difficult to say justice has been served if no one is convicted in Haditha"
For the first that is still a question in doubt. And as for the second, well this quote is the best I've found on the subject.
"Yes, deadly crimes were committed — by the insurgents, whose day-in, day-out war crimes of taking cover among the civilians created this tragedy. The law holds them responsible. We must always remember that the blame for these deaths lies first and foremost at the feet of these war criminals, whose habitual disregard for the basic standards of civilization has been allowed to be forgotten. They are treated in the press like a force of nature, but they are men, and the law has a great deal to say about their actions. The crimes of Haditha were their crimes."

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