Wednesday, January 2, 2008

MSM Double Standard

8 years ago then candidate George W. Bush was asked if he knew the name of the president of Pakistan. When he did not have the answer it was blasted all over the news. Things were said like "he is too dumb" or "how can he lead" just based on this one question. Well now at Hot Air they have a story you may not have heard about on the news, Video: Smartest woman in the world doesn’t know the first thing about Pakistan. Not a word about it on the national news, no news papers asking if this is proof she may not be ready to lead and no one will dare ask if she is too dumb. Does that mean it doesn't matter anymore? With US troops fighting on the border and the almost sure need to someday raid Al-Qaeda camps there, and with the risk of the government failing and the nation falling to the terrorist it’s hard to make that case. So why no questions, no worries? Because they want Hillary to win, they didn’t want Bush to win. It is that simple.


Just for fun here is another Hot Air story about Hillary wanting to be our champion.

No. Just…no. The nation’s children may need champions and heroes, and for them we ought to hold up our troops, our police and our firefighters and people who selflessly do extraordinary things with their lives. We should tell them about people like Sergeant First Class Paul R. Smith, and we should tell them less and less about rock stars and Hollywood’s profane icons. We should hold up as heroes people who achieve great things against overwhelming odds or after long years of hard, patient work. We can even hold up fictional super heroes and the occasional sports figure as examples of what heroism can look like.

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