Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kids For Obama: The Movie

The sights and sounds and a little entertainment from The Grassroots Kids for Obama March in Greenlake Park.

Turns out I wasn't the only right wing blogger there.

I stopped to ask a woman about her sign, she said "Look it up" she also took pictures. She was very apolitical, I think she wanted it that way.

Here is the view from the otherside. and in comments

How anyone could put a negative spin on this is beyond me. These kids were holding signs that said things like "HOPE" and "Pro-Family" It was such a diverse group of people and it was a positive atmosphere.

What is most important, I think, is that it inspired conversations with my kids about what I want for them, for their future. And that, as they grow, we may not always agree on things, but they should always speak their minds, remain curious, learn, discuss, grow. What more could any of us want for their children?

It wasn't mindless following, it was quite the opposite for our family...that is for anyone who was open to the message...

Yet another Flickr set And guess who got in the shot.


And a few pictures I wanted to add but didn't

Kids For Obama 002 My window poster I took it down when I parked my car, I'm not "that brave".

Kids For Obama 062 Kids For Obama 252 Kids For Obama 122 Other Campaigns showed up.

Kids For Obama 250 Supper Heroes for Obama

Kids For Obama 313 The bubble man had the kids enthralled.

Kids For Obama 285  Kids For Obama 289 It's easy to see why.

And a communist shirt.

Kids For Obama 292 read the bottom, that's a commie tag line.

Kids For Obama 312 Kids For Obama 315 Kids For Obama 317

It's scary.

Don't forget to checkout my photo essay.

And look for more photos on my flickr page.


gmoonster said...

Good job on the pictures and video! I wish I'd done as much as you did covering this. Thanks for the link to my story about the gathering.

Ella said...

As far as I could tell (I volunteered there, upon the request of my neighbor), it was less "Kids for Obama" and more "Families for Obama". The family aspect really made me happy, as much as people are knocking it.

gmoonster said...

Hey, you got the video posted at Gatewaypundit! Awesome. Good work!

G'Willie said...

Not my video, dang it!