Saturday, February 14, 2009

Seattle Anti-Israel Protest Week 8

After last weeks protest I went to the Palestinian Solidarity Committee's website and it looks like this will be an ongoing protest. They are now occupying Westlake Center every Saturday I do not know yet what the regulars are doing that used to gather here. This week however did have a lot of new goings on

We had a firefighters fund raiser for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, he climbed the equivalent of 67 stories.

IMG_4921 IMG_4774 IMG_4922

We had street preachers who got right in the middle of things, or did things get right in the middle of them?

IMG_4945 IMG_4950 IMG_4865 IMG_4835 IMG_4876

What we were missing were the communist, There was no table set up to sell the Che books, the "Socialism; Utopian and Scientific" books the Manifestos or The Militant Magazines

File Picture File Photo

The others may have not wanted to interfere with the firefighters or they may have abondond this rally, I'll look into it later.

So we have the normal pro-Hamas gang demanding Israel give in to the terrorist demands without conditions to insure a true lasting peace. This is something that can not be done with a people who want to destroy you. Until you have terms in place that insure the rights of all parties are protected you can not give undeserved freedoms to killers!

IMG_4832 IMG_4828 IMG_4849 IMG_4857 IMG_4884 IMG_4890

And at the last minute Daniel showed up

IMG_4977 IMG_4967 IMG_4992

Yea Daniel!

So the best way to describe today is it was a day where everyone did their thing.

Protesters protesting:


Tourist touristing;


Venders vending;


Preachers Preaching;


Singers singing;


and Huggers hugging;


In a word, perfect.

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