Saturday, July 11, 2009

Anti-Israel Protest: I’m declaring Victory

Once again, no one showed up. And In 5 weeks (I skipped the 4th of July) I have seen only 4 protesters, No banners and only once did I see the yellow signs and she left after about 20 minutes. The event is still listed as a weekly protest with no notes about suspending the event for the summer.  oops there was a note on their website, they moved today's protest to greenlake, So I win, I out lasted the haters. Turns out that Seattle is not the only place where pro terror groups are finding it difficult to gather a crowd.

So what did I do. I took pictures of course.

July 11th 004 July 11th 005  July 11th 008 July 11th 012

Then I took the water taxi to Alki Beach

July 11th 032 July 11th 055 July 11th 076

Where there be pirates

 July 11th 200 July 11th 138 

Then back to Seattle

July 11th 212 July 11th 221 July 11th 278

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