Saturday, July 4, 2009

Everett Parade and TEA

A great day and a great way to celebrate the founding of our great nation!

I joined the TEA party folks in their march

July 4th 044 July 4th 048 July 4th 058

But we had many other great groups in this parade too. The First Cav, The Everett Aquasoxs, and the US Marines just to name a few.

July 4th 031 July 4th 051 July 4th 039

We  got a great reaction from the crowd

July 4th 136 July 4th 121July 4th 126

Some in the crowd even brought their own TEA Party signs

July 4th 110 July 4th 114 July 4th 122

And now the judging stand. How did we do?

July 4th 134 July 4th 137 July 4th 139

So here is a collection of sights from the rest of the parade

More parade photos on my Flickr

The TEA Party was held at the Courthouse

July 4th 218 July 4th 211 July 4th 216

with speeches and music and great people and ideals and a love of freedom and the understanding that all can and will be lost without due diligence.

July 4th 239 July 4th 219 July 4th 220

Lets not lose what we have inherited from the sacrifice of so many. Lets fight to save liberty and remember, As long as there is freedom anywhere there is hope everywhere.

more photos on Flickr and videos to follow.

Update: First Video

The full text of Patrick Henry’s Famous “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” Speech.

Update: Second Video, highlights

That's it, have fun, I did!

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