Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Make Friday a night of protest

I’m not a big blog I don’t have any  kind of readership no one may ever see this but I feel compelled to say and do something.

We as a people must do something. If the Hollywood community does not  withdraw its opposition to the extradition of Roman Polanski to the US to face the consequences of his crime, I suggest we go out on Friday night don’t go to the movies, we avoid them, make a point of it. If you feel brave enough, tell them, by phone or in person, (call you local movie house) you will not visit them that night and tell them why. And if they fight us still we do it again and again and again until they at last understand! This is a line we will not them let cross! A road we will not travel with them! It end here it ends now!!!

In March 1977, the 44-year-old Polanski gave a 13-year-old girl champagne and Quaaludes, then raped her, he did so after she said “no” he did so while she cried and said no, according to the 13 year-old victim’s grand jury testimony. He was convicted of a lesser charge — statutory rape — because he agreed to plead guilty.

This is a link to that testimony.

Polanski spent 42 days in a mental institution for an evaluation. When he was released he thought he was going to get time served and probation, but latter believed that the judge would reject the plea (the Judge has that right) so he fled to France to live a privileged life in his home country. He was arrested this week when he went to Switzerland to receive a lifetime achievement award. 

Who ever defends this man needs to have their picture put on a telephone poll in the neighborhood where they live so parents can keep their children away from them.

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gregor said...

I stop by here quite often. I think anyone who supposed that child rapist should be banished to France so the can cuddle up to him. Perhaps he can babysit their kids.